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ASK EXCELSIOR: What do you love about our hometown?

December 29, 2017 – Recently, we asked our readers on Facebook what they love about our hometown, and received some great answers. From the hidden beauty, to the downtown scene, the twinkling lights, many of you shared what you love best about Excelsior.

Excelsior Springs has a lot of natural beauty. As a town, too, we have a lot of great little shops and places to eat and drink. But there are lots of towns across the Midwest with charming downtown districts. There are other towns with depth and richness of history, as well.

But what seems to set Excelsior Springs apart, in the eyes of our own citizens, is the people. It’s a community of people with spirit and compassion. We are a town that prides itself on its ability to welcome others. Excelsior Springs is special because of us. And it seems our readers know it.

Here is a collection of your responses.
“Our history!” – Kevin Morgan.
“The quaintness and the old-time feel.” – Sherry Cheek Odell
“Everything!! The people are so, so friendly. It’s a quaint little town that is rebuilding its businesses. I love that there are no big crowds and horrible heavy traffic. Like I said, EVERYTHING.” – Becky Reedy McClellan
“The small-town closeness of the people.” – Holly Williams
“I love the people of our community. Kind, caring, and compassionate. You cannot find a town like ours anywhere in the region. We truly have something special.” – Courtney Cole
“I love that everywhere I go in town, I see someone I know! Moved here in 1988 and it feels like home. Kids raised here and now starting second generation!” – Rhonda Johnson Montgomery
“I’ve lived here 60 years and love the progress I’ve seen in the last 5. I was here for the hey days of the 60s, had to watch the slow down slide it took in the late 70s and 80s, but as I always knew, we made a comeback. Just wouldn’t want to grow so much that we lose the small town feel because that’s what makes it ‘home.’” – Diane Chipps Carrel
“Born at the old hospital 68 years ago. Knew the town when it was a booming resort spa. All the hotels, clinics, Lake Maurer and the tourists from all over the world. Even through the lean years that followed, we survived and grew stronger. Excelsior to me has been and always will be the Visionaries that call the Springs home.” – Vicki Elmore-Rippeto
“I love it here. Everyone has been wonderful, made us feel welcome from day one, now I can’t imagine living anywhere else.” – Kathy Meadows
“Our future.” – Bobby Besherse

For a look at all of your responses, check out the original post on Facebook.

Featured image by Kevin Morgan

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