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Cameron Meyer joins Excelsior Springs Hospital as CFO with a vision

March 8, 2018 – Cameron Meyer brings more than just experience and education to his position as the Chief Financial Officer of the Excelsior Springs Hospital, although he has plenty of both. He also brings a long-term vision for the hospital, which in turn will shape the community.

“We are more than just an emergency department,” Meyer said.

The community of Excelsior Springs is important to Meyer. His wife Kandee grew up here, and they had all four of their children while living in Excelsior Springs. His connection to the hospital is deep, as well, since during one of his wife’s pregnancies, she faced life-threatening complications. He was able to bring her to the Excelsior Springs Hospital, which saved her. Knowing that he and his family had close access to good care was a great comfort to Meyer.

Meyer came on board to the hospital on Feb. 8, bringing with him a background in healthcare, specifically in Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), like ESH.

“Critical Access Hospital is a designation given to certain rural hospitals by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,” Meyer explained. “The CAH designation is designed to reduce the financial vulnerability of rural hospitals and improve access to healthcare by keeping essential services in rural communities.” The important word within the term is “critical,” because, as Meyer explained, “it is critical to the community.”

For Meyer, being the CFO is more than being “just a bean counter.” Instead, it’s Meyer’s job to look at the numbers and then interpret those numbers into possible actions to help further and shape the hospital and the community.

“I tell the stories behind the numbers,” Meyer explained. “The hospital has many wonderful patient experiences and success stories to share.  My role as CFO is to help tell the story behind the numbers, and my fiscal responsibility is to ensure the hospital is on a path to sustainable growth.”

To that end, Meyer plans on focusing on creating an even better patient experience for residents, though such means as financial counseling.

“In the role of CFO, one of the best ways I can contribute to the community is by focusing on patient friendly customer service with our interactions from scheduling through registration and billing, while working to remove financial barriers to care.”

For Meyer, and the rest of the hospital, care for the community is paramount. Everything they do is to expand medical services and care to patients.

“We want to be the first choice for all of your healthcare needs, and we are working toward
that,” Meyer said.

Meyer is a certified public accountant, a certified management accountant, and has his B.S. in Management / Accounting from Park University. He attributes all of his success and accomplishments in both his education and his career to his wife Kandee.

“Between raising our children and my intense career moves at times, in addition to preparing for the CPA and CMA exams, she has been extremely supportive through it all. I could not have done any of this without her,” he said.

As far as career success goes, Meyer feels like he’s where he has always wanted to be.

“This is it,” he said. “I told the board that, if I were selected for this position, they had me until I retire or expire.”

By Samantha Kilgore •

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