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City Council designates Oct. 1 as ‘Purple Heart Recognition Day’

October 5, 2018—The Excelsior Springs City Council voted unanimously Monday evening to pass an ordinance designating Excelsior Springs as a Purple House City.

Mayor Brad Eales read the proclamation that said the city and community have the “utmost admiration and gratitude,” for those men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The proclamation said in part,” today we honor those who have received the Purple Heart Medal, as a result of being wounded while engaged in combat with an enemy force. The Purple Heart, America’s oldest military decoration, was initially created as the Badge of Military Merit by General George Washington in 1782.”

The proclamation designated Oct. 1 as “Purple Heart Recognition Day” in Excelsior Springs.

Senior Vice Cmdr. Walt Schley from Missouri Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 115 said these designations helps to bring light on the contributions of the men and women who served in the Armed Forces. He said many suffered wounds or died while fighting for their country. This helps others remember their sacrifices.

“(The proclamation) sends chills down your spine,” Schley said. “It’s great to see that and know somebody cares about your sacrifice.”

Chapter 115 contains 180 Purple Heart recipients serving from World War II to Afghanistan.

With the proclamation issued Monday, Excelsior Springs will be added to the Missouri Purple Heart Entities website at

Gen. George Washington created The Purple Heart in 1782 to recognize bravery in combat. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor estimates 1.8 million Purple Hearts have been awarded to those serving or who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, including Sen. John McCain and Gen. Colin Powell.


Members of Excelsior Springs Cub Scout Pack #309 visited with the council members before Monday’s meeting. Eric Gray, arrow of light den leader said one of their requirements including building a better world. He said the troop members chose to explore energy within the community. Troop members Maverick David, Michael Kimm, Race Meador and Joseph Bohannon asked the council questions regarding the council’s role in the community regarding energy issues.

Cub Scouts at City Council Meeting

Fifth grade Cub Scouts from the Arrow of Light Den in Pack 309 were at the Monday, Oct. 1 Excelsior Springs City Council meeting to ask members of the board questions in order to receive a merit badge. Pictured left to right is Arrow of Light leader Eric Gray, with scouts Maverick Davis, Joseph Bohannon, Race Meador and Michael Kimmi. SARAH DAVIS | Submitted photo

When asked the council how they keep organized and prioritized daily tasks, Eales said the members recently installed One Note on their devices to help them stay organized.

Troop members asked about any existing energy problems. City manager Molly McGovern said the city recently installed LED lights in the Hall of Water and the police department building to help save on energy costs.

When asked if the city expected any potential energy problems created from future expansion, Eales said he believed Ameren planned for future growth and could handle any potential issues.

Troop members asked about any potential plans to utilize solar and wind energy uses. McGovern said the city considered such measures, but must also consider the cost for implication.

When asked about the city’s plans to combat future energy emergencies, Eales said the city installed backup generators to restore power to those essential buildings so they can help to restore power to all residents of Excelsior Springs.


Also during Monday’s meeting, the council voted to appoint Dr. Kent Powell to the Enhanced Enterprise Zone. City Clerk Shannon Stroud swore Powell in during the meeting. Powell’s appointment will expire Sept. 30, 2022.

Excelsior Springs Police Chief Clint Reno brought a change order for the MARRS Radio System before the board, seeking approval for an additional $200,000 to fund the project. The funds will be supplied from the Capital Improvement Tax fund and Public Safety Sales Tax fund.

Reno said after discussing the matter with Tusa Consulting and obtaining two, separate engineering reports, they determined the current tower’s size to be too small for the additional equipment needed. They plan to construct a new 180-feet tall tower at the existing Siloam site.

Excelsior Spring Fire Department Chief Paul Tribble brought a measure concerning the department’s self-contained breathing apparatuses. Tribble said the department received a $183,125 grant to purchase the new SCBAs in August. Tribble said the grant designated $8,720 to come from the city. After they received notification, they contacted four manufacturers requesting demonstrations. They placed a request for sealed bids in The Standard on Aug. 29 and Sept. 5. The department received three bids.

Tribble said the departments request $8,720, already approved by the Public Safety Sales Tax Oversight Committee, to help fund the purchase of the SEBAs.

The next scheduled meeting of the Excelsior Springs City Council will be held at the Hall of Waters, at 6 p.m., Oct. 15.

By Kimberely Blackburn •

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