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Cole transitions to Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center

Her positivity, enthusiasm and energy won’t disappear from Excelsior Springs.

Instead, Courtney Cole’s abilities transferred her from the Educational Foundation, of which she acted as director for two years, to Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center, where she recently started as the new business community liaison.

In her time as director for the Educational Foundation, Cole worked hard to creatively partner the local business community with students, which she described as a win-win for all involved. She said celebrating students by showcasing them to the community during Tiger Fest became the most meaningful event for her during her time with the Foundation.

Courtney Cole

Her job as director meant she raised funds, and then matched those funds with needs within the school community. Bringing the requests for funding together with those in the community able and willing to fund those requests kept her motivated.

“We have a very giving community filled with charitable people and it was nice to be the one to witness it,” Cole said.


Cole’s departure from the Foundation leaves a very real need to fill in the community and for local schools. The Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation exists to serve the children in the community, said Jaret Tomlinson, deputy superintendent. He said Cole’s departure to work for Job Corps leaves an opening for a new director to carry on what he described as “the important work of fundraising and community outreach that we’ve come to expect with the leadership that Courtney provided.”

“Courtney did an amazing job as our foundation’s first official executive director,” Educational Foundation President Brian Rice said. “Over the past two years, her efforts have taken our foundation to a whole new level, building relationships between our organization, the teachers, school staff and the business community.  Courtney’s work has made the Educational Foundation a household name throughout the community and for that, we are eternally grateful.”

Cole said she looks forward to continuing her work within the community she loves so much, with the students she sees as the future of the town. As Community Liaison for Job Corps, she will find opportunities for those students to gain experience while fulfilling a need a business or organization may have.

Cole credits any successes over the past two years to volunteers, students, staff members and business owners, who made it possible.

“It was such a pleasure working with Courtney,” said Lisa Shelton, administrative assistant to the superintendent and secretary for the Board of Education. “Her dedication and support of our school district and community is unwavered. She is and always will be a positive asset for our community.”

To apply for the position with the Education Foundation, visit the Excelsior Springs School District website at

By Samantha Kilgore •

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