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Derdich retires, Roberts Robinson employees bid farewell

May 4, 2018 – As the coworkers of Ed Derdich talk about their retiring friend, the same words and phrases come up time and again. Respected. Respectful. Loyal. Driven. Helpful. Dedicated.

“He will be missed,” almost every one of them said, as they prepare to bid their longtime coworker goodbye.

Derdich has been a salesman for Roberts Robinson Chevrolet GMC Buick Dealership for over twenty years. In that time, both his fellow employees and the many customers he’s helped have become friends and family.

“I’ll miss the stories the most,” said Brandon Smith, sales representative. “He’s helped me in a lot of ways, way more than just in sales. He’s so good to his family and loves his wife so much. He’s shown me what a husband and a man is supposed to be.”

Kathy McQuerry, who works in the accounting department, counts herself among the many who will miss Derdich after he leaves on May 4.

“I wish him well,” she said, as did Tammy Kenny and Chris Casey.

“I think he’s an amazing guy,” said Pennie Hollenback, who works in the Business Development Center. “He’s such a joy to be around.”

Monty Tankersley, another sales rep, had to pull out a calculator in an attempt to see just how many years he and Derdich worked together. Giving up on the actual calculations, Tankersley said that Derdich was simply a good man, a good father, and a good employee.

“He gave his best, his heart, to his customers,” Tankersley said. “We always respected each other and took care of each other.”

“He is who he is,” Nancy Palmer, who works in the parts department said, with a laugh. “And with Ed, that’s a good thing.”

“We’re all like family here,” said Ron Prewitt. “It’s funny how you get to know each other’s quirks, but you do.”

“He’s just a good man to work with,” said Sales Manager Terance Echols.

Derdich is an Army veteran and organized a car show for veterans every year. It’s something he plans on continuing even after his retirement — between the traveling he plans to do with his wife, his extensive “honey-do” list he says is waiting on him, and all the fishing he hopes to catch up on.

“There’s no more reason to procrastinate on that honey-do list,” Derdich laughed, saying his wife Cheryl has been working on it for quite some time. He has plenty to keep him busy on the farm he and his wife own.

However, he warned, “I’m like a bad penny — I’ll keep turning up.” He and his wife live locally and have no plans to change that. Derdich loves Excelsior Springs, particularly the friendliness of its citizens.

“Whenever Cheryl wants to g o out to dinner, I ask her, ‘Where in Excelsior Springs do you want to go?’ because I don’t want to leave this city. I support the hometown,” Derdich said.

So if you see Eddie and his wife Cheryl out and about — which, Derdich promises, you will — be sure to say hello. After all, to Derdich, you’re more than just a coworker or customer. You are, he said, family.

By Samantha Kilgore •

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