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Meet the Need receives $82,000 grant for Opportunity Cafe

March 9, 2017 – Meet the Need has been a pillar of the Excelsior Springs community for twelve years now, taking pride in their role to assist residents in need. The non-profit company exists to help the working poor through crisis situations, helping make a difference in the lives of those in Ray and northern Clay counties by meeting basic needs.

As many know, Meet the Need operates a thrift store and a flea market at their location at 1302 N. Jesse James Rd., both which provide funding for community assistance, as well as providing income to pay for overhead costs. In addition to the store, there are many assistance programs available, including those for work assistance, crisis care, household set-up and assistance, educational assistance, community events such as their Christmas store and a pass-it-on program. Beyond those listed, they host an ‘open ear policy,’ stating that they will listen to almost any other reasonable request from anyone in the surrounding area. One of the largest assistance programs utilized is the work assistance program, which concentrates on getting individuals to work by providing work fuel, car parts, tires, car licensing, work clothing and more. Other services more specifically include the food pantry, clothing and household items, school supplies and fees, sports fees and equipment, small prescriptions and Christmas for children and teens. One of Meet the Need’s core beliefs is that it is a person’s responsibility to provide for their family, but they realize that sometimes people have trouble making ends meet for circumstances beyond their control. Meet the Need’s role is to help fill in the gaps.

Soon, the opportunity to assist those in need will expand even further, following the announcement of the upcoming, and aptly named, “Opportunity Cafe and Coffee Shop.”

The cafe, which is currently in the works, will come to fruition thanks in large part to an $82,000 grant awarded from the Goppert Foundation.

“We’ve spent 12 years helping short term and immediate need cases,” said Kris Peoples, Executive Director of the Meet the Need Board of Directors, “We’ve always wanted to do more to provide a long-term effect, to impact lives and give them a shot at a successful future.”


Read the full story in the Friday, March 10 issue of the Standard

By Skyla Sullivan •

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