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O’Connells kept the Goodtimes rolling

How do you sum up 21 and a half years of hard work? Denny O’Connell and his wife, Phil, are hanging up their restaurateur hats after two decades of serving the community of Excelsior Springs at Good Times Restaurant and Lounge, and they said, to sum it up: “It’s been a really good run and we’ve made a lot of great friends.”

It was Dec. 10, 1992, when Denny and Phil took the plunge and opened the restaurant. “I was working for a beer distributor when they wanted to change me to a salary wage,” explained Denny. “I told them I’d sell pencils on the sidewalk before I worked at that price. Phil said why not look at Good Times.”

At the time, Denny wasn’t a fan of drinking folks, having spent the first 26 years prior to opening Good Times working for a beer distributor; the last thing he was interested in doing was serving booze.

“Phil said, let’s focus on the food and let alcohol figure itself out,” Denny said.

For the rest of the O’Connell’s story, pick up a copy of the July 1 edition of The Standard.

By Jae Juarez •

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