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Salem Road trash pick up yields 14 bags in less than a quarter mile

Lani O’Dell inspired other Excelsior residents to get outdoors and gather trash along the roadway, including Melissa Bartlett and her children. Bartlett’s crew gathered 17 bags of trash in under an hour in less than a tenth of a mile of roadway. O’Dell and her mother collected 14 bags in one hour. (Submitted photos)


March 6, 2017 – A stretch of road strewn with scattered litter became an inspiration for local woman Lani O’Dell who then shared that inspiration with other Excelsior residents.

O’Dell, who lives off Salem Road nearing the city limits of downtown Excelsior Springs, said she’s traveled extensively and viewing beautiful countryside is what kicked her into high gear to clean up her own area.

“I’ve done a lot of traveling and I have seen how beautiful things are. Just seeing trash here and there and along Salem Road really got to me,” O’Dell explained. “I brought home all of the beautiful things I had seen in my travels and wanted to do something about it here.”

O’Dell said she didn’t want to admit to it, but in her younger years wouldn’t have thought twice about tossing a piece of garbage out the window of her car. Looking back, O’Dell said that’s something she would like to see change among youth. Having learned from her experience, she is hoping that roadside trash clean up in Excelsior Springs will spread.

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By Jae Juarez •

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