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Sharps ‘hit the gym’ as new owners of Anytime Fitness

August 17, 2017 — If you think working out every day takes dedication and drive, imagine owning a gym.

Gary and Mindy Sharp are the new owners of Anytime Fitness in Excelsior Springs. Their day begins before most people get up, and it ends far past most people’s bedtimes. In addition to owning the gym, which the couple likens to a big, time-consuming new baby, they both each work full-time, and are raising three children as well.

Still, the two seem to thrive off of the challenge, their energy and spirit and dedication apparent as they talk about family, life, marriage and trying to run a business while managing it all.

Although the two have been together for more than 20 years, becoming business partners is new.

“There have been times when Mindy doesn’t talk to me,” Gary said laughingly.

“But that’s nothing new,” Mindy teased. “You can’t blame that on the gym.”

Becoming entrepreneurs virtually overnight leaves them with a pretty steep learning curve, and the situation is, at times, highly stressful.

“We’re not experienced business owners,” Gary explained. “This is a first. But we’ve got common sense.”

It’s been an overwhelming whirlwind, Mindy explained, but so far, “Neither of us have torn out our hair. Well, I haven’t,” she said, before giving her husband’s clean-shaven head a long, knowing look.

“Let the record show I made a bald joke,” she added.

And while owning a gym has long been Gary’s dream, it hasn’t necessarily been Mindy’s.

“I make crafts, and bake cookies. I don’t work out. But I’m learning,” Mindy said.

She also has confidence in her husband and supports his dream.

“I trust him,” she said simply. “He’s always done the right thing.”

Read the full story in the August 18, 2017 edition of The Excelsior Springs Standard.

By Samantha Kilgore •

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