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Students showcase Tiger pride through Tigerfest

March 9, 2018 – Tigerfest is a school district showcase of grades K-12, organized and provided by students. This is a one-day event that allows the Excelsior Springs community to witness the amazing things that the students are doing in school. It will take place April 13, from 5-8 p.m. throughout downtown Excelsior Springs.

“Tigerfest is a way for the high school and other schools within the district to showcase what we have been working on in our classes throughout the year and to bring the whole community together,” said senior, Dylan Young.

Students in the marketing class.

Students are allowed to showcase the work they have done in class, clubs, and ideas that they may have. Many of the art classes are creating projects that the students can reveal at the event. The choir director at the Excelsior Springs Middle School is currently putting together a lineup of vocal and instrumental performances with the choir and band classes. There will be baked goods, concessions, and robots from the robotic teams.“Excelsior Springs students have a lot to offer and this event gives them the opportunity to reveal their talents. This event will impact the community as well as the schools greatly by seeing how well this community is as a whole, and how brilliant the kids are here,” said senior, Presley Johnson.

Since this is a student-driven festival, Excelsior Springs High School’s marketing class is doing the advertising. The marketing class is taught by Mr.Jeffrey Manning who has separated himself from his students so he doesn’t give them any ideas, allowing for a fully student based event. “I have been in the marketing class and we have this concept of everyone coming together as a whole and making something big out of it. I look forward to how many people will show up and appreciate what we have been working on,” expressed Young.

Senior Leslie Bartholomew designed the chosen logo.

The class has already made a logo and they are now working on social media advertising by adding an event on Facebook. “The school is making this possible by devoting time and effort to the success of the students and Tigerfest,” commented Manning. The school is also hoping to receive support from local businesses through donations and partnerships during the event.

“We want our student’s parents, but we also want other Excelsior Springs residents to swing by and see what our school does,” said Manning. Excelsior Springs school district hopes to see the community attend the festival and show their support so that this may continue to be an annual event in celebration of our students.

By Gannon Boone •

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