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Support students of ESACC by attending Public Education Awareness Night

March 3, 2017 – Hands on learning has become an integral part of the environment at Excelsior Springs Area Career Center, especially with Firefighter and EMT-Basic students.

Behaving just as a fire department would, the ESACC students under the direction of Captain John Potter, are hosting a public education awareness night on Tuesday, April 18.

“The Career Center has been implementing a workplace atmosphere and the students have expanded on it,” explained Potter of the upcoming education night.

Each morning students in Potter’s class gather for briefing, much like a fire department. The students “log” their hours accumulated at ESACC weekly, mark it on a timesheet and turn it into their squad leaders each week.

“We are working hard to make the workplace learning part of our education as close to a work environment as possible,” said Potter.

At the beginning of the school year students in the Firefighter class were elected to serve specific roles, which Potter said is just like a fire department would work. This year students elected Ragen Eschbach as their Chief of the department. Eschbach has been hands on in helping her squad to organize the education night.

“We had the opportunity to re-elect roles within our department at the beginning of this semester, but everyone liked the positions they were in so we opted to stay where we are,” Eschbach explained of her position as Fire Chief.

Asked why the public education awareness night was so important to the students of the Firefighter and EMT courses Eschbach said, “Public education is so important to our community. It makes for a much safer home environment to be in when people know what to do in an emergency.” Read the rest of this story in the Tuesday, March 4 issue of the Standard


By Jae Juarez •

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