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The Mug puts Excelsior Springs on the map as a coffee destination

April 6, 2018 – The Mug, located at 118 E. Broadway Street, puts Excelsior Springs on the map, as a coffee destination.

The Mug was asked to be included as a destination on the KC Coffee Trip. The KC Coffee Trip was designed to be a fun way to encourage travel throughout the Kansas City Metro while highlighting the best coffee shops in the area.

“We were honored to be asked,” said owner Kim Meadows. “We’re super stoked.”

She added that she loved being included among “other amazing coffee shops” in both Missouri and Kansas.

Coffee-lovers are encouraged to pick up a passport, or download one from online, and visit the coffee shops listed. At each destination, a sticker will be given for the passport. If five out of the fifteen locations are visited, participants are eligible to receive a free tumbler commemorating their caffeinated trip through the metro.

As a KC Coffee Trip destination, Meadows had to include a “signature drink” on her passport. She chose the Lo Special — a drink that she admits was a mistake, although a delicious one.

“Someone ordered a turtle coffee,” she said, referring to a chocolate, caramel and toffee nut flavored drink. But the barista, Lauren Spear, forgot to add the chocolate and handed the customer a coffee drink that was instead caramel and toffee nut-flavored.

“The customer was like, ‘this is so good, but it isn’t a turtle,’” Meadows laughed. The barista discovered her mistake, but the drink was delicious enough to be added to the menu. They called it the Lo Special, because the barista’s nickname was Lo.

Participants are invited to get social with their coffee tour, and Meadows encouraged participants to get local with that, as well.

“Customers can tag their photos on social media using KC Coffee Destinations and hashtag KC Coffee Trips,” Meadows said. “We’d love it if you tagged The Mug, too, so we can follow along.”

For more on the KC Coffee trip, and to download a passport, visit, or stop by The Mug to get a passport and collect your first destination sticker.

By Samantha Kilgore •

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