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The Room Off Limits

Below is a submission in a scary story contest by seventh grade students from Excelsior Springs Middle School.
Follow this link to read all of the submissions. 

Third Place Overall Winner
Third Place Winner from Gina Calvin’s Class

by Reese Roberts
Gina Calvin’s class


“Stephan!” Whispered Mako.

“Yea?” He whispered back.

“She’s back, the no body lady!” Mako whispered super scared.

“I know she’s fake but this time she feels really real!” Mako said crying.

“It’s okay!” Stephan said, “I love you!”

No response. “Mako?”

They were under separate beds in the same room and Stephan didn’t see what Mako, his sister, was seeing but by her fear he knew it was real.

“She is here! Shhhh,” she whispered.

Then all there was was a long, loud, high pitched scream followed by an eerie and deafening silence.

In the quiet, he laid there shaking, waiting to hear her voice again, he squinted his eyes to see under her bed and realized there was only enough light coming from under the door to see his way out. He couldn’t stay in that room any longer. As he wiggled his way out from under the bed he then felt a cold whoosh, then found himself running through many long hallways as fast as he could. Once he got to the parents’ room he grabbed his twin siblings, in the same dark room, got his dad and noticed his mom wasn’t in the bed. Running to the car, he had so many thoughts racing through his head. It took him a while to get out of the house, the house was a maze. When his dad eventually came out into the dark, starry night, Stephan saw a dark shadow in a window in a brightly lit up room, the shadow showed a woman falling in The Room.

The Room, that’s what the kids called it. It was the room off limits. “Someone opened it,” Dad said once he got to the car.

Stephan asked, “What? Where’s mom and Mako?”

“She opened the room door, your mom did. It wasn’t supposed to be opened,” Dad told his son sadly.

“Mako?” Stephan asked.

“Just,” the dad said, “gone.”


25 years later
“Do you think you’ll ever go back?” Asked Sed.

“Never,” said Stephan.

After, Sed’s phone started ringing.

“Hello?” he said.

“Hello son,” he heard and only him.


Eventually, once they started talking, they planned a dinner so the family could meet up again. While talking about it Sally realized the restaurant was super close to the house. She told Sed about it.

“It’s just in the middle between us,” Sed told her without worry.

They were at dinner and ordering their meal.

“I will be back … restroom,” Sed told them all then went to the bathroom. On his way back he saw a fire exit. Then snuck out of the building using it. He then found himself walking to the house.

On his way to the house, he saw all the scary creatures he saw while living in the house hoping he could make it there safely. It’s not him anymore, the wonders of the house have got to him, the house was inside of him. It’s bringing him back.

During his walk he saw the shadow boy, flying guy, multiheaded butterfly, then he saw something not just he didn’t want to see but something the house inside of him didn’t want to see, the mouth, it was a human figure but with no eyes, no nose, no hair, it was just a mouth.

He then found himself running faster than he thought he could. He eventually made it to the house faster than he thought he would. Somehow knowing every turn he went through the house like it wasn’t some sort of huge maze. Enjoying the fake glorious visions he then turned around and saw Mako. He didn’t know what she looked like he just knew it was her.

“Mako?” he asked.

“Behind you,” she replied.

He then slowly turned around not knowing what would show up. When he actually saw what was standing behind him he noticed it was the mouth. Then he disappears just like that, like Mako.

“Sed?” Stephan yelled into the bathroom. “Hurry up would you?”

Then he saw there were no feet under the stalls.

“What?” Stephan thought.

He then raced back to the table.

“He’s not in there!” Stephan said quickly.

Then the whole family got to the car without getting their meal and quickly drove to the house. Off their thoughts, they knew he was off before he went to the bathroom.

“I didn’t do anything about him, I knew he seemed,” Dad said.

“He will be fine,” Sally told them.

When they got to the house they walked as quickly as they could inside all holding bright flashlights. When they walked up to the big, brown door they realized it was locked.

Stephan told them, “back up!”

Then ran as hard as he could into the door breaking in and getting inside, they searched the whole house, no luck. They walked out of the house, back to the car slow. While all of them had tears running down there face.


20 years later
In the cold, windy weather, there was a red brick building, it wasn’t just a building it was a building holding a funeral. Stephan and Sally’s dad’s funeral. On the inside, Stephan is burning up with anger and can’t breathe but at the same time, the sadness waves are washing it all away. He turned the corner coming out of the bathroom. He looked in front of him and couldn’t scream, couldn’t cry, had no emotion showing, couldn’t talk, couldn’t breathe, he saw his father, his brother Sed, his sister Mako, his mom.

“Hello,” they all said.

He couldn’t run, he couldn’t move, he was stuck seeing all of them. In the other room, Sally was talking.

“He lost a son, a daughter, a wife yet, he lived up to 80 living the rest of his life.”

She then started tearing up. While Stephan was standing there they all started walking closer, unable to walk or run he fell back not able to catch himself. Eventually, when he opened his eyes they were towering over him, they then grabbed him, tearing his clothes and biting at him.

The End

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