The weeks’ Meet your Neighbor column features the spirits that will soon be investigated by the Paranormal Task Force.

T.R. Kennedy, building supervision at the Hall of Waters, said investigators stopped counting spirits after being told 40 names.

“There’s so much here,” he said. “We’re just scratching the surface.”


Bob Thurman can sometimes be found playing pranks.

Kennedy said recently when workers replacing the roof could not find one of their tools, they looked everywhere in their work area. After they could not find the tool, they decided to look under the piles of insulation stacked on the work site. Their supervisor then came upon the scene, finding the tool almost immediately.

“It (was) laying on top of the edge of all that insulation,” Kennedy said.

Finding the tool teetering on the edge of the recently moved insulation affected some of the workers so greatly, Kennedy said, they now refuse to come back to the HoW.

According to historical records, Thurman worked as a maintenance man for the building in 1968. The father of three children, Thurman moved to Excelsior from Kansas. He likes to stay near the building’s tower because he said he enjoys the view.



The equipment shows a figure of Katherine Brown peeking out from the pool showers. The Hall of Waters Ghost Tours purchased equipment to allow everyone to interact with the building's resident ghosts.

Kennedy said he describes Katherine Brown as shy. She doesn’t always trust men and once asked him to leave the light on for her.

Kennedy and his wife Tracy only learned Brown’s last name Monday evening during a conversation in the pool’s showers, where she resides.

The Kennedys do not know much about Brown. During Monday’s conversation, Brown communicated information about her son, whose name could possibly be Billy.


One lady who lives in the water bar loves to hear singing. Although she will not communicate her name yet, she provided the Kennedys with four different names at different times.

Some visitors said if they stand very quietly at the end of the bar, they can hear her humming a hymn ... although they can’t make out the song completely.

The spirits communicated Monday evening they wanted someone to sing. However, when T.R. began to sing, someone communicated they wanted Tracy to tell him not to sing.

With another song (not sung by T.R.), however, a few of the pedestals lights came on and the equipment began reacting, much to the Kennedys’ excitement.


The equipment lights up after the ghosts hear singing. The resident ghost in the Water Bar loves to hear people sing.

Tracy said one spirit even used the equipment to ask another spirit to be quiet so they could hear the song.


T.R. said his journey into ghost hunting began with what he thought would be an uneventful early morning at work.

As he worked in the water bar, he said he looked up and saw a woman standing in the balcony watching him.

He said she wore a 1940s era red evening dress.

As he told the women she couldn’t be in the building, he said she just smiled and walked away. He then ran up the stairs to find her, but couldn’t.

He then went home earlier than he originally expected.

“(I told Tracy) I’m not going back in that building until the sun is up and there are people in that building,” he said.

After he began sharing his story, others also came out. He heard of children playing near the pool. People told him of hearing high heels going through the lobby.

Then, T.R. decided he wanted to find out who resided in his building. Thus, began the ghost tours.

All the proceeds raised go back into the maintenance of the building.

The Paranormal Task Force plan to hold an “Overnight Ghost Adventure” from 6 p.m.-3 a.m., Saturday, May 18 at the Hall of Waters.

According to their website, the Paranormal Task Force unique combination of humanistic values and scientific techniques which result in a well-formulated approach to paranormal research.

Investigations of the team have appeared in a variety of media outlets, including print and broadcast.

The Kennedys said they have investigated on behalf The Discovery Channel and more.

Those interested in getting more information on the event can visit

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