STANDING ALONGSIDE the levee south of Orrick on a blustery Thursday, Missouri Agriculture Secretary Chris Chinn, U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II, Gov. Mike Parson and Missouri Levee and Drainage District Association Chairman Tom Waters discuss the need to improve the state's levee system following Missouri River flooding that ravaged the west side of the state, from Nebraska into Ray County.

RICHMOND – The adult sunglasses and big smile at Richmond Recreation’s Easter Egg Hunt catch my eye, so I snap a photograph, ask a parent if doing so is OK and then ask for the boy’s name.

The response: “Wrangler Denim Lee.” He is 2.

“No, not what he’s wearing,” I think, but then I look and he is not wearing bluejeans. What’s up with that?

“His name is an acronym,” his mother, Monita Lee, says, and goes on to describe the boy’s first and middle names. “‘Wrangler’ and ‘Denim’ are named after all of his grandparents on mom’s and dad’s side. Every letter is connected to a name.”

Lee goes on to describe the middle name, based on the relative’s names she can recall off the top of the head.

“The ‘d’ is for Donna, ‘n’ is Norman, ‘m’ is for Monita,” she says. “The ‘i’ is for himself.”

“It seems like no coincidence that his name is Wrangler Demim Lee,” I suggest, “which is very much a jean-oriented name. Was it really just a coincidence, or was somebody saying they liked jeans?”

“It was really a coincidence,” she answers. “We just said, ‘We’re going to play Scrabble with his name,’ told the whole family about it and that’s what we came up with it.

She then remembers some of the other letters in his name.

“The ‘w’ is for Wayne, ‘r’ for Robert, the ‘a’ is for Alice, ‘l’ is for Larry, and ‘e’ is for Emma.”

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