An Excelsior couple hopes to make weddings more affordable for everyone with their new downtown business.

Excelsior Springs natives Brittany and Ryan Server recently opened Afford-A-Wedding KC, a wedding and event shop, on 455 S. Thompson Ave.

The couple started their business in 2016 but began working in the industry in 2013. When they first began their business they worked as traveling event planners. The couple said they decided to move back to Excelsior because they love their hometown.

Afford a wedding 2

The Servers pose in front of Afford-A-Wedding KC's spring backdrop. The family recently moved their business to Excelsior's downtown.

“We came back to Excelsior because we can’t think of a better place to get married,” Ryan Server said. “I mean you have the Elms, The Flander Hall and the rustic brick look that people love.”

The couple does it all. Brittany Server immersed herself in photography, and Ryan became ordained to officiate weddings. They have a photo booth they use for weddings and also for other set photos including senior photos or family pictures.

Afford-a-Wedding KC offers a variety of services and will travel to locations.

“Our main focus is weddings,” Ryan Server said. “But we do all events. If you think about it, weddings are just really big events.”

At the moment, the couple does not partner with anyone but said they look forward to making deals with businesses in the community.

“We are not currently partnered with anyone, but we are working on partnering with everyone in the community,” Ryan Server said. “We have talked to the Flander Hall, as well as possibly working with people who book through her. We have also talked to Neil (Wilkerson) with Dubious.”

The Servers have set prices on their website, but want people to know they will work with their budgets.

“We want you to have a good event,” Brittany Server said. “We will help customers find ways to cut something here or there to help fit their budgets.”

The Servers said working as a family makes them proud. Ryan Server said he could not find another partner he could work better with every day. They usually bring their 15-month-old daughter Skylar with them during the week to work. Brittany said she loves bringing Skylar to work when she can, calling Skylar her mini-me.


Brittany Server shares a moment with her daughter Skylar. Server said she calls her daughter her mini-me.

Afford-a-Wedding KC hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony this past weekend. They provided refreshments along with free photos with a backdrop.

They also set up the photo studio to show the community how they take pictures.

The business will also be offering a photo shoot session for the month of April. The photos can include the Easter Bunny, or spring themed photos.

For more information, visit Afford-a-Wedding's website at They can also be contacted through Facebook or by calling 816-376-0055.

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