Auto accident actually music video shoot

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Auto accident actually music video shoot

Thu, 10/08/2020 - 19:46
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An overturned car in the median of Hwy. 69 west of Excelsior was actually the site of a music video in the works.

Producer Megan Mancia explained that the project — which hails from L.A. — chose Excelsior Springs as the perfect locale for the shoot.

“The director and I are originally from this area even though we live and work in L.A. now,” Mancia said. “We come back and work here a lot because we love the community. It’s more affordable to shoot here and there are amazing locations. In L.A., everything looks the same and everyone uses the same locations. We have a lot of connections here and love to do this sort of thing.”

Mancia’s aunt and uncle live near Smithville. After Mancia selected this particular location for its slopes and background scenery, her uncle used his tractor to move the staged vehicle into its location around noon on Thursday. Shooting continued all afternoon with crews hoping to catch a great sunset before completing the shoot at dusk.

“This is a very ambitious project. We’re on our fifth day of shooting on this particular music video which is almost unheard of,” Mancia said.

Tomorrow, she said crews will be repurposing the vehicle prop, repainting it to look burned for the second portion of the music video.

While the producer, director and primary actors in the video traveled from L.A. for the shoot, the camera crew is local; many of them students from the Kansas City Art Institute.

When asked for more details on the video itself, Mancia just smiled. “We try not to reveal too much until the video comes out. We know we’re turning heads and this is news, but that’s about all I can give you.”