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BREAKING: Update on trial of Orrick father accused of murder

March 10, 2018 — In an update on a continuing story to the newsroom at The Standard, the trial of Orrick father, Randy Garrison, 35, came to a surprising conclusion Friday when the jury was deadlocked.

Randy Garrison

As previously reported by The Standard, the jury trial began on Monday, March 5 in a Clay County courtroom. Garrison faces five felony counts that include second degree murder, abandonment of a child, and arson, relating to the December 2013 fire that claimed the lives of his two sons, Ashton, 1, and Roger, 3.

On Friday, court resumed with final arguments were made and the jury went into deliberation around 10 a.m. Court records show that the jury contacted the court with questions and requests on record.

“At approximately 5:40 p.m., a note from the jury indicated the desire to speak with the court. Without objection, the jury returned to court and generally indicated possible deadlock,” court documents explained.

On record, the jury was read and given instruction at 6:12 p.m. Later Friday evening, around 8:43 p.m., a note was received indicating the jury was again deadlocked.

The jury was polled to determine if a unanimous decision had been reached on any of the five counts, but no determination had been made.

A mistrial was declared and the jury was dismissed.

The matter is adjourned until Monday, April 2, 2018.

By Brittany Zegers •

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