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Excelsior Springs Housing Authority under new leadership

February 2, 2017 – On Tuesday, Jan. 31 without much pomp or circumstance a changing of the guard happened at the Excelsior Springs Housing Authority.

Nancy Nolker, the director of the ESHA stepped away into retirement. She had spent 15 years in Excelsior Springs as director and had more than three decades in the public housing field.

Over her career she has learned to go with the flow and roll with change. Every presidential election cycle saw different rules and regulations put on public housing from the department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD regulations can be a tall task to fully comprehend.

“There’s a lot of detail to this job,” Nolker said. “Every time there is a different administration, everything can change. So a big thing is you have to be willing to go with the flow and change the way things are done. Everyone has their agenda so we have a different focus every four to eight years. You have to keep up.”

She is remembered for helping rejuvenate the three properties of the ESHA and has kept the units at near-capacity throughout her tenure. Nolker always loved helping the people, and keeping the books. A self-described number cruncher Nolker’s meticulous nature kept the organization running smoothly. The task now falls to Carrie Hiltner.


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-Bryce Mereness


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