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Child molestation charges filed against Excelsior Springs man

October 26, 2018—Excelsior Springs Police arrested an Excelsior Springs man Tuesday, Oct. 16 on a Clay County warrant for child molestation.

Gary D. Wall was arraigned on Wednesday, Oct. 17 in the Clay County Division 6 courtroom of Judge Karen Krauser. Wall pleaded not guilty to the Class C felony charge of child molestation in the third degree with a child less than 14 years of age.

According to a Probable Cause Statement filed by ESPD, the victim’s mother contacted police February 2018 after the child notified an administrator at school about a possible sexual assault.

In a forensic interview, the child disclosed that incidents with Wall began two to three years prior. According to the sworn statement, the child said Wall would “throw a fit” if the child would not “sit on his lap.” When the child did sit on his lap, Wall would try to touch them even if asked to stop.

“Wall told (the child) not to say anything as they could get in trouble,” the statement said, describing what the child explained in the interview.

In a separate instance, the victim said, “Wall attempted to rub and play with (the child) ‘down there’ … and he has attempted to put his hands inside (their) pants.”

Additionally, the statement said the child claimed Wall “grabbed (their) hand, then forced (them) to touch his (genitals).”

In an interview with authorities on March 29, 2018, Wall submitted voluntarily to police questioning, denying the allegations.

On April 5, 2018, Wall voluntarily submitted to a Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer test, and “denied ever having touched (the child) in a sexual manner.” Wall eventually admitted to not being truthful during the March 29 interview, “and confessed; advising there had been sexual contact between him and (the child).”

During continued voluntary questioning after the CVSA concluded, Wall advised the child touched his genitals on different occasions, sometimes accidentally. When “asked if he ever forced the child to touch (him, Wall) advised he did not.”

Wall was released on $50,000 surety bond on Oct. 16.

At the conclusion of the arraignment hearing, court proceedings were continued to Nov. 20.

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