According to city staff, the Excelsior Springs City Council postponed its vote regarding the proposed water rate increase to the second of its July meetings.

The council will still hear public comments at Monday's meeting and at the July 15th City Council meeting.

At this time, the City canceled the council's July 1 meeting due to a lack of quorum. At least three council members must be able to attend for the City to hold a meeting. The proposed increase will be presented to the council during its Monday, June 17 meeting, but a vote will not be taken.

It remains unclear how this change will impact the implementation of the increase if passed by the council. Director of Administrative Services Steve Mariott said he does not know exactly when residents can expect the rate increase to hit their bills if the council passes the increase. Updates to this story will be provided as they become available

Scanned Documents

The attached graphic provided by the City shows how the proposed rate increases will impact the bills of a household using approximately 3,000 gallons of water and approximately 5,000 gallons of water per month. According to the chart, a household using 3,000 gallons of water can expect their entire bill, including water, sewer and trash, to increase from approximately $105.34-123.21 per month before taxes.

A household using 5,000 gallons of water can expect their entire bill to increase from approximately $137.66-160.99 per month before taxes.

For one typical Excelsior family of five who uses about 4,700 gallons of water per month, the increase for the water-only portion of their bill will increase approximately $15 per month. Gallons used on their most recent bill showed 4.7 (4,700 gallons).

To figure their increase, they multiplied 4.7 by the proposed 7.49 water rate to equal 35.20. They then added the new proposed water base of 17.62 to get $52.82, or their new water-only bill should the Council approve the increase.

(4.7 X 7.49 = 35.20; 35.20 + 17.62 = 52.82)

Comparing this to their currently billed water amount of $38.30 showed an increase of $14.52 on their water bill before taxes.

Please note this calculation refers to the water portion only. To determine their total bill, residents should add the sewer and trash portions to this calculation.

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