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City green-lights new golf clubhouse construction

March 23, 2018 — The city of Excelsior Springs continues to move forward with the scheduled construction of a clubhouse on the golf course.

The city’s job is twofold: one, build the clubhouse, and two, install public infrastructure to a new subdivision by the golf course. Doing so will allow the city to sell residential building lots. This figures largely into the finance plans. The entire project is estimated to cost approximately $2,800,000. To pay for the construction, the city proposes to use $1.1 million from capital improvements, $200,000 from the sale of property, and $1.5 million from tax increment financing (TIF), which is a public financing method used as a subsidy for infrastructure or other community-improvement projects.

Excelsior Springs Golf Course Clubhouse

Construction and funding of the new golf course clubhouse was approved during the city council meeting Monday, March 19.  Above is a rendering of the new facility, provided by Tevis Architects.

“The clubhouse project is to be financed with Certificates of Participation, which is comparable to a lease/purchase loan structure with Kearney Trust, and funds allocated from the CIP sales tax,” explained City Manager Molly McGovern. “We will have 29 platted residential lots for sale. This housing subdivision is in a TIF District, which enables us to use the property taxes from the residential lots and the sales taxes at the clubhouse to pay back the financing in addition to the revenue derived from the sale of lots. The potential revenue from TIF and sale of lots is around $2.9 million.”

Bids for construction contracts on the clubhouse opened in February. The city received a total of six, ranging in price from $1.5 million to $2.2 million. The low bidder, Bruner Contracting, was selected to value engineer the project. After discussing several aspects of the project with their sub-contractors, they submitted a new plan that removed $175,000 from their bid.

The final plat for the subdivision that will be built on the golf course is scheduled to come to the Planning Commission during their March meeting and will be on the agenda for the City Council in April.

“It is our intention to hire an outside contractor to install the sewer and construction services will install the water, street, and storm water improvements,” McGovern stated.

Construction services is a city department.

“Building lots will be available for sale after the infrastructure is installed. We are not able to sell any land until the infrastructure is in,” McGovern added.

The city department of Construction Services will still have some work to complete, which includes:

  • Construction of Pavilion, bathrooms and storage. Work on the Pavilion has started and should be complete in a few weeks.
  • Site work, to include excavation and storm line work, seeding, sodding, landscaping and irrigation, reinforcing rebar for the foundation, and concrete and asphalt work for the parking lot
  • Kitchen equipment, fire extinguishers, termite treatment, water heater, water softener
  • Furniture, lockers, temporary trailer for pro shop

The clubhouse construction is estimated to take 180 days.

By Samantha Kilgore •

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3 Responses to City green-lights new golf clubhouse construction

  1. Keith Montague Reply

    March 23, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    I like the rendering. Where is the cabin? Inside or adjacent?

    • Brittany Zegers Reply

      March 23, 2018 at 4:43 pm

      The O’Dell Cabin will be contained inside the new clubhouse.

  2. ROBERT F SISK Reply

    March 2, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    Are the Lots available to purchase if so please send me the link to view the layout and locations of the lots..
    Thank you

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