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City meets with Majestic Hills owner to discuss clean up


February 16, 2017 – Majestic Hills trailer park owner Bob Marsonette says he’s willing to comply with City of Excelsior Springs ordinances pertaining to his park, but the Codes Department believes Marsonette has had more than enough time to meet the deadline of their demands to clean things up.

Majestic Hills is located at 2208 Kearney Rd., just east of McCleary Road and positioned between several housing additions. The trailer park has become an eyesore to neighbors, but more importantly the city said the park has become unsafe for its residents.

“The ultimate goal is to have Mr. Marsonette comply to the city’s standards, in the form of our ordinances, which regulate how properties are to be maintained, and to have him clean the property up,” said Cory Wartner, of Excelsior Springs Code Enforcement.

The City has been persistent in their efforts to have Marsonette clean up the park, with violations dating back to January 2015. Most recently in January of this year Marsonette was issued eight violations for eight different properties on the east side of Majestic Hills. According to Wartner, an additional three violations were issued to residents of the park.


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By Jae Juarez •

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