Reminder, all results remain unofficial at this time.

With 100 percent of Clay County precincts reporting, Brent McElwee retains his seat on the Excelsior Springs City Council with 55.49 percent of the vote.

For the Excelsior Springs Board of Education, Tray Harkins received 37.13 percent, Kalyn Goode, 31.71 percent, and Darren McKown, 31.16 percent of the Clay County votes.

Passage of Proposition A currently leads with 60.89 percent of the Clay County vote.

Update: Adding Ray County results to Clay County, the Board of Education results now show Harkins retaining his seat with 1,301 total votes. Newcomer Goode gains the second seat with 1,195 votes, besting incumbent McKown who received 1,189 votes.

Update: Ray County totals added to Clay County results, show Prop A received a total of 55.35 percent of the vote. Prop A needed at least 57.125 percent vote to pass.

Update: Ray County's absentee votes for Prop A were 2 yes, 20, no. Homestead Village voted 132 yes, 113, no. Wood Heights voted, 224 yes, 322 no.

The Wood Heights numbers were enough to swing the outcome the school district's overall yes votes, dropping the percentage to 55.35 percent, below the 57.125 percent needed to pass. 

This information contradicts what Kansas City news stations who are currently reporting that Prop A has passed. They are only reporting the outcome of Clay County, not the entire Excelsior Springs School District area.

The Standard will continue to follow the vote count and provide updates as they become available.

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