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Excelsior Springs app utilizes all local talent

“It’s unbelievable how many times I hear, ‘There isn’t anything to do in this town,’” according to local resident Cole Sales. But a new app—the brainchild of several local residents—has the ability to put Excelsior Springs and all it has to offer at the fingertips of anyone who has a smartphone or similar digital device.

Sales and Kenny Manley, with some help from others here in Excelsior Springs, unveiled the “ES Local” mobile application several weeks ago and so far have about 200 downloads from both the Google Play store for Android and the App Store for Apple. But in the eyes of these visionaries, that’s only the beginning.

Sales, an enterprising high school student, said he got on board as a way to get more involved with the community and the way it functions.

“ES Local helps connect the citizens of Excelsior Springs together in a variety of ways,” Sales explained,” to help local businesses, organizations and groups thrive and have ultimate success in the city of Excelsior Springs.”

“And then we wanted to open it up to the services that we thought would be most useful for local residents,” added Manley. “The school district will be a big part of it—we can let people know about events, school closings, that kind of thing.”

Already, there is a wealth of information and access available through the app. Local news stories from The Standard, links to city services and connections or coupons for local businesses are among the many uses available simply by touching the “ES Local” icon on your digital device.

After Manley brought Sales on board, he also worked to keep the participation local; rather than going outside the community for design work, he enlisted the services of local resident Mikayla Gatlin for the app’s logo.

Manley and Sales say that already, businesses can get a free listing on the app, and for a fee they can also utilize “push notifications,” which are direct messages to all of the app’s users; businesses can also share coupons and special deals.

“We plan to send out a push notification to announce Waterfest,” Manley said. “And then, people can take photos at the events and upload them so that other app users can view them also.”

“We are trying our best to let the community know about upcoming events for members of our community of all ages,” Sales said. Any business or organization that has an upcoming event they’d like to share can send the information to Sales at, and he’ll include it in the app.

You can also visit Excelsior or find the Excelsior Springs Local page on Facebook.

By Eric Copeland •

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