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Golf clubhouse demo begins


City crews began work to demolish the clubhouse at Excelsior Springs Golf Course on Wednesday, Oct. 4. The demolition will make way for a new clubhouse to be completed by next summer’s golf tournament season. Crews made special care to not damage the nearly 200-year-old cabin that sits on the property that was inclosed within the former clubhouse structure. (Photo by Bryce Mereness)

October 6, 2017 – On Wednesday, Oct. 4 crews from the city public works department started work on a much-anticipated project.


The old Excelsior Springs Golf Course Clubhouse began being razed in anticipation of a newly-built house to be ready for next summer’s golf season.

The final design of the new space is still in the works, but it will sit on much the same footprint of the current clubhouse but be a little smaller.

The centerpiece of the new clubhouse will be the O’Dell Cabin, a historic cabin that once occupied the hills that the golf course was built on. City crews will be taking special care during demolition of the old clubhouse to not damage the nearly 200-year old cabin. The cabin was built in the 1820s between 1825 and 1830. City Manager Molly McGovern said the city will also take special care and tarp off the old structure so it can once again be built around and the historic features admired by golf course patrons.

“The cabin is central to our plans,” McGovern said. “Protecting it during the demolition process is our biggest priority. It is historic and enclosing it in the new clubhouse will protect it from the elements once again.”

The new clubhouse is the centerpiece of the city’s $2-million dollar plan to revitalize the area with new homes set to be built along the first fairway with city council approval in the near future.

On Monday, Oct. 2 the city council voted on the first step of the project separating the clubhouse onto it’s own plat of land. Surveyors will then draw new plat lines for the planned 25-30 lots the city will sell to help offset the cost of the construction of the new facility and new sewers for the clubhouse and properties alike.

By Bryce Mereness •

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