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Golf Course TIF receives unanimous approval

The Excelsior Springs TIF commission held a public hearing on the proposed development at the Excelsior Springs Golf Course on Wednesday, June 28.

The seven members present each voted to approve the project. The issue will now come before the city council on Monday, July 17.

If the council approves the measure a Tax Increment Financing district will be established that encompasses the golf course and a potential 9-acre parcel of land along the first fairway that will see residences built along the course. The money raised from the district will be used to build a new clubhouse to replace the aging structure that currently serves the century-old course.

“The golf course is a tremendous asset,” Excelsior Spring City Manager Molly McGovern said. “Frankly the clubhouse is the worst part. We’re trying to add to our tourism industry. I think it will attract more business than it does in its current state. Those are the reasons we went beyond just replacing a new roof and calling it good. This will mean we hopefully don’t revisit the problems that still exist there. If I put a roof on it I still have to figure out, how to pay for the other things. We own land, that has a value if I develop and sell it. If I can use that to pay for the clubhouse that is generating new revenue to accomplish an old problem.”

The roughly $2 million project will use about $800,000 from the city’s capital improvements fund to extend sewers to the clubhouse and for the new subdivision. The remaining $1.2 million will come from capturing property and sales taxes within the district, as well as the proceeds from the lot sales for new homes to be built Read the full story in the Friday, June 30 issue of the Excelsior Springs Standard 


-Bryce Mereness

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One Response to Golf Course TIF receives unanimous approval

  1. Barbara Madden Reply

    July 7, 2017 at 10:37 am

    I applaud Excelsior community members for working hard to bring in tourism dollars which should boost the local economy. With that said, as s a public school parent, supporter, and educator, the mention of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) raises a red flag in my mind. (Please visit for more information.)

    My question is always, “How will this TIF project help the local public schools?”

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