Jan. 25, 2019 – Editor’s Note: This article begins a series to profile each candidate running for Excelsior Springs City Council and the Excelsior Springs Board of Education. 

Excelsior Springs residents Thomas Shue and Carl A. Harper filed to oppose incumbent Brent McElwee in his quest to retain his currently held seat of the City Council. 

Challenger Kalyn Goode will oppose incumbents Darren McKown and Tray Harkins for the school board. The election will be held April 2. 

For one local business owner, the school board needs to include one more voice, one of the mothers. 

Kalyn Goode

Kalyn Goode said she decided to run for the board of education for two main reasons. One, she feels the board needs another female voice. Two, she wants to represent all the other mothers in Excelsior who wish to speak for their children. 

“As a mother, I wanted to be able to have a voice for the other mothers in town on the school board,” she said. “I don’t feel like they have as big of a voice as they should represented on the board right now.” 

With her business, Goode said she sees many children each week. They talk with her and often bring up their experiences at school. Listening to their stories, she said she can see different trends and patterns of situations happening within the school system. She said those experiences will help her bring a different point of view to the board. 

She often hears the different opinions at her salon. She said she believes the school board listened to those who went to the school district’s long-term facility plans forums. However, she said she often hears the different opinions at her business. Opinions that sometimes differ from the ones expressed in a formal meeting setting. 

Her qualifications include simply being a resident of Excelsior Springs, she said. As a parent, she said she possesses a different level of compassion with children than a non-parent. Being a mother, she said she sees things from a different point of view than others. She runs her own business and often deals with the financial planning she will encounter on the board. 

While often visiting her own kindergartner at school to eat lunch, Goode said she finds herself surrounded by children in the cafeteria. She hears their stories there. Both there and in her salon, she said she sees a different side of the children. 

While also fully supporting the district’s bond that will also appear on April’s ballot, Goode said she fully supports the demolition of The Monterey Motel. The demolition will help Excelsior in several ways, she said. It will help make the city more beautiful, it will make the area surrounding Lewis Elementary safer and it will help the long-standing traffic issues the school encounters. 

She said she believes the school district needs to take a different approach to the schools’ ongoing bullying problem. She said she would like to see the Substance Abuse-Free Environments program’s ideas fully implemented in the schools. 

Goode said she grew up in Excelsior. She possesses a great love for the city, she said and wants to help it succeed. 

“I’m raising my children here,” she said. “I opened my business here. My whole life is based here.”

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