Gordmans held its grand opening Thursday, June 27 at their location at 155 Crown Hill Rd, in the old Goody’s building. 

In honor of the new store opening, Gordmans donated $1,000 to the Excelsior Springs High School. 

ESHS Principal Christen Everett said the school does not have an specific plans for how to use the donation yet, but it will definitely be used to support students meeting their growth targets 

“We are looking to increase the ways we celebrate student success, whether that be meeting attendance goals, meeting or exceeding growth targets, etc,” she said. “I think it’s very important for students to be acknowledged for their hard work, and this money will go a long way in helping us to do that.” 

The Gordmans chain closed many stores about two years ago after the company went bankrupt. State Stores Inc. Stage Stores in Houston, Texas then bought the Gordmans name. 

According to the press release sent out by Gordmans, they describe Stage Stores as a “leading retailer of trend-right, name-brand values … ” It also said the company operates in 42 states through many different stores, including stores such as 649 Beals, Goody’s, Palais Royal, Peebles and Stage Specialty Department Stores. Their e-commerce website can be found at stage.com. 

Also in the press release, President and CEO of Stage Stores Michael Glazer said Gordmans’ Excelsior Springs opening excited him. 

“At Gordmans, we have put the fun back into shopping by creating an exciting store where terrific deals, fun finds and popular name brands are at every turn,” Glazer said. “This means exceptional values on merchandise for all ages and on-trend décor for the home. Fresh new merchandise deliveries arrive weekly in our stores, creating the thrill of a great find. In fact, the finds are so good, our guests often share them on social media. We are excited to be part of Excelsior Springs and support Excelsior Springs High School.” 


Store Manager James Elldge said he began working for Gordmans about a year and a half ago. He said the company hired him as a co-manager due to his background working in retail, and he jumped at the opportunity when they asked him to run the Excelsior store. 

“I’m super excited to be here,” Elldge said. “My wife and I are actually looking for a house in Excelsior. Excelsior has been a great community every time I’ve come down here, so I’m really glad to be down here and be a part of the community.” 

Elldge said working with the community and the people in it is his favorite part of working for Gordmans. He said he loves the look customers get on their faces when they come in and find “that one thing, that one treasured thing” they were looking for. 

Elldge said he tries to be so customer oriented that he doesn’t even have an office. He said they place everything in the store up front so staff can always be guest friendly and accessible. 

Elldge said customers may notice one difference about the new Gordmans, the square footage. 

“It’s a little smaller now,” Elldge said. “In retail, Gordmans is going on the smaller scale. The original company went bankrupt, and Stage Stores bought the name … so now we’re on the grow again. The great deals of Gordmans brings everyone in for great prices.” 

During the grand opening, the first 100 people in line received insulated purple Gordmans tote bags with a scratcher ticket inside. Tickets gave customers $5 off a purchase, with one $50 coupon given away. 

Elldge said he encourages the Excelsior Springs community to come in and look around. They may also notice what he does while watching TV ... Gordmans merchandise. 

“I’ve noticed, if anyone watches HGTV, if you watch the décor that’s in the background, we sell a lot of that same décor at Gordmans,” Elldge said. “A lot of those shows are set on the coast-whether it be west or east-and people want that kind of décor in their homes but don’t think they’ll find it since they’re not coastal. The good news is Gordmans has it.” 

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