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Historic Preservation Commission approves plan changes in special meeting

August 31, 2018—The Historic Preservation Commission met Wednesday in a special meeting to approve plans for repairs to the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives.

Commission members requested the meeting after learning the contractor hired to perform the work approved in a prior meeting could not receive the work permit due to confusion on plans.

Plans previously approved by the board included the removal of stucco to the side of the building containing a walkway that connects the building to its neighbor. After the contractor reveals the original brick, they will install a one-inch foam board, fiberglass mesh and apply new stucco to the building.

After speaking with the contractor, commission members determined the existing stucco will not be removed. Instead, adhesive applied to the foam board will also be applied to the existing stucco, adhering the board to the stucco.

Commission members asked if plans included addressing cracks in existing stucco. Excelsior Springs Economic Development Director Melinda Mehaffy said she will speak with the contractor to determine the answer and contact commission members. 

The commission approved the proposed work if the contractor supplies a satisfactory answer to their question. 

The next Historic Preservation Commission meeting will be at 5 p.m., Sept. 12 at the Hall of Waters. 

By Kimberely Blackburn •

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