November 1, 2018—Billowing, black smoke was seen for miles around Wood Heights and Excelsior Springs due to a report of a structure fire at 32546 Rose Lane.

Wood Heights Fire Protection District Fire Chief Lee O’Dell said the call came in from dispatch at 2:54 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31.

Fire consumed a property in Wood Heights. Fire Chief Lee O’Dell said crews battled the blaze for three hours before it was contained.

“Units arrived on scene and found a working fire in the backyard of a trailer home with vehicles, a large pile of tires and a trailer,” O’Dell said. “An individual was burning trash that appears to have spread to the tires causing the fire to quickly spread.”

Units from Lawson, Excelsior Springs, Orrick and Fishing River assisted WHFPD on the scene to contain the blaze.

“Due to the fire load with the tires and debris, the fire was hard to contain and was finally placed under control approximately three hours later,” O’Dell said.

O’Dell said the fire will continue to smolder for an unknown amount of time due to the debris involved.

A large pile of tires quickly caught fire while the owner was burning trash. Remnants of the blaze can be seen charred and still smoldering. Lee O’Dell | Submitted photos

In the middle of the night, crews dispatched again to the scene to investigate a possible rekindling.

O’Dell said officials advised the owner the fire would continue to burn but it was contained.

“The metal building collapsed into itself and prevented us from getting all the hot spots put out,” O’Dell said. “(WHFPD determined) the cause of the fire was from careless open burning of trash and debris too close to a large pile of tires—the tires ignited, causing the fire to spread rapidly.”

Missouri Department of Natural Resources is en route to investigate the fire further today and come up with a plan for cleanup with the homeowner.

“They will handle the scene from here on out unless another fire ignites,” O’Dell finished.

No injuries were reported.

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