A little over four years ago, Katie Noyd came to Excelsior Springs for the first time.

Later this month, she’ll be leaving the community to take a job on the west coast. But in four short years with the Excelsior Springs Parks & Recreation Department, Noyd has certainly left her mark on the city, its residents and their physical fitness.

Noyd is notoriously shy when it comes to talking about herself. But the Bethany native, who came to Excelsior Springs by way of Moberly, has been active in the community in multiple ways. She was instrumental in planning and promoting the community center that is now under construction on the west side of town. She also took active roles in the Rotary Club, the Christmas Committee, the Downtown Excelsior Partnership and other groups.

In her position as parks and recreation director, she also oversaw the extension of the west side walking trail, now called the Rainbow Trail, as well as the establishment of a new park, Get Fit Park, at the northwest end of that trail. In addition, the parks and rec department under her direction added various amenities to a number of local parks—from the new retaining walls at Sunnyside Park, to the fishing dock at Century Park, to the planned improvements to the seating and sidewalks at Piburn Field.

After promoting a tree fund, Noyd and others were able to plant dozens of trees in local parks as well, ensuring those parks’ importance to Excelsior Springs families far into the future. And the city’s recent designation as a “Playful City” was due in part to Noyd’s work to spread the word about Excelsior Springs.

In an interview on Friday, Aug. 7, Noyd said she would miss much about Excelsior Springs and its people, and looks forward to keeping up with the community even from her new position in the state of Oregon.

“People have joked that I don’t care, but I care very much,” Noyd said, adding that she planned to maintain local connections and even track the construction of the community center through the webcam that’s available on the city’s Web site, www.cityofesmo.com.

Noyd joined the parks and rec department in May 2011, and as she looks back she says she can’t pinpoint any one thing that she’s most proud of.

To read more, check out the print edition or e-edition of the Tuesday, Aug. 11, Standard.

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