After months of hard work, motivated by the enthusiasm of an entire town, Dubious Claims Brewing Company opened their doors to the public on Thursday, April 26. Their opening night left customers with little doubt that the new microbrewery will quickly become a town favorite.

“The brewery is something new and different and we saw a lot of locals come through the doors to enjoy the excitement of a new business located in the heart of downtown Excelsior Springs,” said owner Neil Wilkerson. “Our staff did an amazing job of keeping up with the rush of opening day.”

Exposed brick on the walls, tin ceilings, and modern light fixtures give the place a feel that is both hip and historical, blending the new with the old seamlessly. The place is spacious, with plenty of room to navigate while still providing ample seating. Light streams in from both ends of the establishment, and from day one, Dubious Claims gives the feeling that it is already well-established.

Opening night at Dubious Claims Brewing Company.

Customers raved about the food, the service, and — of course — the beer. The quality and variety both impressed customers.

“I loved the Blueberry Bathhouse,” said Amber Borchert. “It was a light beer, with just a hint of blueberry. Very drinkable with a great aftertaste. They went down super smooth, and I always seemed to surprise myself when my cup was empty. It was different from any beers I’ve ever had.”

Her husband had the Kona Wave, which she said combined citrus flavors with just a hint of tartness.

“It was like a party on your pallet,” she added.

“I thought it was all fantastic,” said Bobby Besherse. “Great atmosphere, the wait staff was really nice, and the beer was amazing.” Besherse said that “all of the brews are delicious,” and praised the Kolsch for its smoothness.

“I will be going back for sure,” he said, and added that he believes it’s a great addition to Excelsior Springs.

“We’d been told it takes a village to open a business, luckily for us our village is right here in Excelsior Springs. To see our community, family and friends finally come through the doors of Dubious Claims and enjoy all of their hard work was an amazing experience. We’re so thankful for everyone who came to our opening, including our soft opening for our Founder’s Club members,” said owner Neil Wilkerson.

“Going forward, we look to help our community and pay forward all of the support we’ve received in opening our doors,” said Wilkerson. “We anticipate kegging our ‘Elixir Stout,’ which will make a grand appearance this weekend. Very soon our Head Brewer, Taran Winnie, plans to create a Raspberry Wheat and a Pale Ale to keep our customers tongues whetted.”

Jae Juarez, manager of the new establishment, summed up the opening night with one word.


Dubious Claims Brewing Company is located at 451 S. Thompson Ave.

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