What started as a “keep the peace” call – to avoid conflict between adults who are separating – ended in the arrest of a Richmond Middle School employee for alleged sexual contact with a student.

Jordan Isaiah Bell Douglas, 26, Richmond, is charged with possession of child pornography and two counts of sexual contact with a student, all felonies, and two misdemeanor counts of providing pornography to a child.

Per district policy, Douglas is on paid administrative leave, for now, Superintendent Mike Aytes said.

Douglas worked as a substitute teacher and assistant middle school basketball coach last year, and the district hired him as a middle school paraprofessional and cashier this year. The district’s paraprofessionals add to support for special education students.

The district screens before hiring applicants, Aytes said.

“All district employees undergo a fingerprint background check before working with students. The background check is done through the Highway Patrol, which includes state database and FBI database,” he said. “This would include any charges, even if later pleaded down or dismissed.”


Richmond Detective Brandon Bines laid out the state’s case against Douglas in a probable cause statement filed with the Ray County Circuit Clerk’s Office. The case has not gone through the court system and whether Douglas is guilty remains undecided.

Bines stated two police officers at the Douglas residence observed him move items from the apartment where a woman, Masae Fualole Loua, 21, wept. Cpl. Matt Marcotte said Douglas also intended to take a child, staying with a relative, whom he shared in common with Loua. The officers reported no further incident initially.

Officers later returned when Loua said Douglas would not disclose the child’s location.

“Loua then told Corporal Marcotte that she would like to make a report in reference to Douglas sleeping with girls from the school district during the time he (worked there),” the report states.

Loua reported Douglas had become intimate with two students from the high school.

Bines’ report states Douglas told school officials he planned to leave Loua and “allegations may be made” because he intended to take their child “until they could get a parental agreement in place” to make sure she would not remove the child from the state.

Bines stated he then met with Loua, who revealed more about the alleged relationships.

“‘B’ told Loua that she was together with Douglas on 03/12/2018 and provided Loua with a photograph of Douglas and B together. B began to explain to Loua that she was a student at Richmond High School, when Douglas drove her to an apartment in Leavenworth, Kansas,” based on the document filed with the court. B stated “she and Douglas laid on the bed, at which time they watched Netflix together and began kissing. … B stated that after Douglas attempted to ‘do more’ with her, she and Douglas did not stay in Leavenworth long.”

Loua said B felt bad upon learning about the relationship between Loua and Douglas.

“As I continued speaking with Loua, she advised me that Douglas was currently stopped at the intersection of Woods Chapel Road and Ralph Power Road, at the Quick Trip gas station. At this time, it was believed that Douglas was planning on fleeing the state and going to Leavenworth, Kansas, with his child,” the report states.

This concern led to contact with Lee’s Summit Police Department, which took Douglas into custody. Bines then transported Douglas to Richmond for questioning by police.

Based on the report, Douglas told Bines about having conversed on social media with “F,” a high school senior at the time, who sent him “a few” nude photos and a nude video of herself. Douglas reportedly responded by sending her similar photos and a video of himself.

The two met and Douglas reportedly took F to his Richmond apartment, where “they sat on the couch together.” Then she sat on his hips and they kissed, but Douglas allegedly told Bines they “did not engage in sexual intercourse.”

At that point, Douglas expressed a desire to talk with an attorney and the interview ended.

Court information states Douglas is represented by the firm of Wagstaff and Cartmell, Kansas City. The firm did not return a call for comment. 

Bines next interviewed F. She confirmed the description Douglas gave about social media contact and about what occurred inside the Richmond apartment, the report states. 

Bines then interviewed B. She said she talked in person and through social media with Douglas before they wound up at the Leavenworth apartment, where he kissed her and tried to get her to touch him. When she refused, he returned her to Richmond. They had no further contact, the report stated.

The interviews with Loua, F and B led Bines to seek charges against Douglas involving “sexual contact with a student.”

Aytes said the allegations involving an employee concern the district.

“The allegations, if true, would mean that Mr. Douglas has violated the trust that parents and the public place in all of us who work for the Richmond R-XVI School District,” Aytes said. “While these allegations may diminish public perception of the district, at least in the short run, I would assure everyone that these actions are not indicative of the care and dedication I see exemplified every day by the teachers, administrators and staff who work for the district.”

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