Tigers football keep undefeated season with commanding win over Eagles

September 14, 2018 – The Excelsior Springs High School Tigers Football Team kept their undefeated season going, winning against the Central Academy Eagles last Friday.

The Tigers dominated during the game beginning with senior Corbyn Hutchings rushing for 59 yards to score a touchdown with 11:02 left in the first quarter. Head Coach Mark Faubion said those plays early in the game act as a “shot of adrenaline.”

“We were able to continue that with the second play, the third play (and) the fourth play,” Faubion said. “Those were very explosive plays for us. You feel good about what you are doing and the kids get behind that.”

Junior Jett Rivera followed Hutchings’ touchdown with a kick attempt that proved to be good, leaving the score 7-0. Senior Jackson Creason quickly followed that up, rushing for 38 yards to the end zone with 8:37 left in the first quarter. Riveras’ extra-point kick left the score 14-0.

The Tigers didn’t stop there. With 6:47 left, Hutchings rushed 26 yards, scoring the third touchdown of the first quarter. Creason then rushed for 21 yards earning a first down. Refs gave the Tigers seven yards after ruling a personal foul against Central’s Dimitri McGill which left Creason without his helmet on the field. Junior Ethan Cole followed that up rushing eight yards to score a touchdown with 4:38 left in the first quarter. Rivera’s extra-point kick left the score 28-0.

Junior Tae Rainey ended the quarter rushing for 48 yards to the end zone, leaving the score 34-0.

The second quarter began with a personal foul being ruled against the Tigers, giving Central a first down. Shortly after Central’s Marquan Shelby completed Walter Taylor’s 50-yard pass to the end zone. However, the refs ruled an illegal block against Central and declared no play leaving the score at 34-0.

Creason and Rainey continued the quarter rushing for 73 yards resulting in the Tigers’ sixth touchdown of the game. Tiger sophomore Damon Ashworth’s kick attempt proved to be good leaving the score 41-0 with 5:17 left in the second quarter. Rainey followed it up rushing for 27 yards for a touchdown with 1:21 left in the second quarter. Junior Rocky Mullin completed a sack of Taylor, leaving the score for the first half 47-0.

After two failed pass attempts by Central, junior Brandon Gluhm rushed for 15 yards, leaving senior Mitchell Berndt to rush for 11, scoring a touchdown with 6:34 on the clock.

Senior Derek Howerton completed another sack on Taylor resulting in a loss of 11 yards. The score at the end of the third quarter remained 53-0.

The fourth quarter began with Central’s Jaden Thorns scoring their first touchdown of the game with 9:37 left on the clock. Before the Eagles could attempt their extra-point kick, a power outage resulted in a darkened stadium. With 9:37 left in the fourth quarter, refs called the game due to the power outage leaving Tigers with a 53-6 win over Central.

The Tigers continued to dominate in rushing with Creason rushing 129 yards, Hutchings, 91 and Rainey gaining 81.

The Tigers face off against the Richmond High School Spartans this Friday. Faubion said Excelsior Springs and Richmond have a rivalry which should impact this week’s practices.

“All of our sports like to go after each other pretty fiercely. We will prepare well I believe simply because we’re playing Richmond.”

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