A former Excelsior resident currently faces charges after allegations of sexual abuse arise.



Thomas Tinoco Jr. pleaded not guilty to charges including Statutory Rape Or Attempted Statutory Rape in the first degree with a Person Less Than 12 years of age, Statutory Sodomy Or Attempted Statutory Sodomy, Deviate Sexual Intercourse on a person less than 12 years of age and Statutory Sodomy Or Attempted Statutory Sodomy, Deviate Sexual Intercourse on a person Less Than 12 years of age.

Officials filed charges after Tinoco’s 7-year-old biological child reported the alleged abuse to a psychologist during a therapy session.

According to the probable cause statement, the minor told officials of the alleged abuse and identified areas on an anatomical drawing.

The minor said the alleged abuse began at the age of 3 when Tinoco gave her a bath in what she referred to as the “old house” located on Concourse Ave., in Excelsior.

Tinoco initially denied the abuse in a police interview and blamed the minor’s mother. Later during the interview, investigators said he admitted to partial sexual contact between the minor’s legs. He told investigators the alleged abuse continued after moving into his current resident on Eagle Parkway, in Smithville.

“Tinoco confessed to forcing (the minor) to endure the (alleged) sexual acts described almost every time (the minor was) in his care,” the probable cause statement said.

Investigators said Tinoco said he shared parenting time with the minor’s mother and kept the child “approximately 50% of the time.”

Tinoco will appear in court next on Jan. 21 and remains incarcerated in the Clay County Detention Center at this time.

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