A new chiropractic office recently opened on South Thompson Avenue. 

Herb Butzbach recently opened Momentum Chiropractic and Wellness in Excelsior Springs. Butzbach said he opened in Excelsior because he loved the downtown. 

“I’ve always wanted to do Small Town Missouri,” Butzbach said. “My dad has lived in Excelsior Springs for a while now. Every time I’ve come down here I’ve loved the downtown feel.” 

Butzbach said he describes his office as exactly what he wanted. He said the business has great visibility from the street. The office was already set up for what he needed also added a plus. The space’s last occupant, also a chiropractor, left the space exactly as he needed it. 

Butzbach said Momentum Chiropractic is his first business. He said he interned with a chiropractor in Pleasant Hill for about five months to get the business aspect of the business. To learn the chiropractic side of the business Butzbach did an internship with the school after graduation. 

Butzbach said he started a business for two reasons. The first, he loves the family business feel. The second, he wants to help people get all the help they need in one place. 

“I’ve always been about family business,” Butzbach said. “My wife and I like the small time feel, the family business feel, and I like my patients to see that too, like they’re welcome.” 

To help people get the help they need, Butzbach said he learned the muscular part of the body too. He said he looks at the body as a whole. 

“It may not only be a chiropractic fix that you need, you may need some muscle work and we have the capacity to do that in the office,” Butzbach said. “I feel like most chiropractors that I’ve met haven’t looked at the problems the way I do.” 

Butzbach explained the way he looks at the body as a balance. He said he looks at the body as a whole because muscle problems can cause the same symptoms as chiropractic problems. He said he has lots of instruments and techniques to work on soft tissue. Working on soft tissue works out problems like trigger points in the muscles according to Butzbach. He said he took extra classes and seminars in school to be able to do that. He said the extra training gives him not only additional ways to diagnose the problem but also a way to get to it faster and more efficiently. 

Butzbach said he loves working in a small town because he wants to spend more personal time with his patients. 

“I want to get to know the patients more,” Butzbach said. “I want to spend time getting to know them, getting to know what’s going on in their life and all of that. I don’t want to be like ‘okay treat you, see you.’” 

Butzbach said he grew up in a small town, and he’s glad to be able to move back. 

“I grew up small town and then my parents split and I went to the city and I didn’t like that because there were so many people,” Butzbach said. 

Butzbach said he came to a small town with a lower income rate because he wanted to make necessary care more affordable to everyone. He said he added a cash price that’s lower as a way to make it more accessible. He said they also currently accepts BlueCross and Medicare insurance and plans to work toward accepting more. 

“Everyone needs care and I wanted to provide that,” Butzbach said. “I’m in the process of getting with all the other major insurances. I’m looking forward to taking care of Excelsior Springs and the surrounding areas.” 


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