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Police chase across multiple counties, results in 3 arrests

January 5, 2018 – After an hour-long pursuit that crossed multiple county lines, three suspects were apprehended by police on suspicion of shoplifting from the local Walmart.

The Excelsior Springs Police Department was called to Walmart, located at the 2200 block of Patsy Lane, at approximately 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 2 for assistance with three individuals who were suspected of felony shoplifting.

Two males and one female were allegedly attempting to steal over $750 worth of merchandise, a felony act in the state of Missouri.

Once police were on the scene, the suspects failed to stop and fled in their vehicle. The vehicle travelled south on McCleary Rd., then turned east on H Hwy., which changed into St. Louis Ave. The vehicle followed St. Louis Ave. and turned west on 10 Hwy., traveling through the middle of town. One male suspect, Roy C. Proctor Jr., exited the vehicle and entered a wooded area near the intersection of Wornall Rd. and Lodwick Lane. Proctor was safely apprehended by ESPD.

During the pursuit inside Excelsior city limits, ESPD successfully deployed spike strips, damaging a tire on the vehicle, but that didn’t stop the chase. A second attempt to deploy spike strips failed, when the driver swerved and nearly struck the officer deploying the device.

The chase continued north on 69 Hwy. leaving city limits, with Clay County Sheriff joining the pursuit. When the driver continued west onto 116 Hwy. north of Lawson, ESPD terminated pursuit to allow Clay and Clinton County deputies to take lead on the chase. The two remaining suspects were later taken into custody by Clinton County deputies.

Support Services Division Commander of ESPD, Lt. Larry Tarrant, said that pursuits such as these can be dangerous to the public and responding officers.

“Officers constantly have to evaluate the risk to the public,” Tarrant said. “That’s our main concern.”

In this case, the vehicle was not traveling at a high rate of speed to a threshold that could be deemed dangerous to the public.

“Pursuits can be terminated due to various reasons,” Tarrant shared. “Usually, it’s a general rule to stop at city limits.”

Typically, police will not pursue a chase outside of their jurisdiction, however, under special circumstances, exceptions can be made. In this instance, ESPD officers continued pursuit with Clay County.

“Due to the relatively low speeds, we received permission to pursue outside of city limits,” Tarrant said.

Charges against the female driver are pending. The male passenger in the vehicle that was apprehended by Clinton County deputies was questioned and arrested on outstanding warrants, according to Tarrant.

Proctor, the male suspect apprehended by ESPD after exiting the vehicle inside city limits, has been formally charged with a felony count of attempted stealing with a pending court date.

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