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Powers serve in wake of California wildfires

A burned out car sits in the driveway of a home near Santa Rosa California after a devastating wildfire destroyed thousands of homes. Local couple Phillip and Christine Powers responded to assist in the recovery as members of the Salvation Army Disaster Relief team. (Submitted photo)

November 10, 2017 – Thousands of people fled their homes in the middle of the night, many with nothing more than the clothes on their backs in the midst of serious wildfires in California last month.

Local couple Christine and Phillip Powers were called to the area to assist those as members of the Salvation Army Disaster Relief team.

The Powers family spent two weeks in the disaster area and helped hundreds as they tried to get their lives back together.

“What Salvation Army was doing was giving Target cards of $100,” Christine Powers said. “These people would sit down with us. There was a lot of emotion. There were a lot of tears. When I say they lost their homes, it was like an atomic bomb, 7,000 people lost their homes. The only thing you saw left was a burnt to a crisp car, which you couldn’t even tell what it was that was in the garage and the chimney still standing.”

Salvation Army has been one of the many relief agencies spread thin over the recent months after major hurricanes hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Wildfires in California and major flooding in Asia were just more tragedies the organization was forced into action for.

“They have Salvation Army offices in California and typically in disasters they don’t need assistance because they have a lot of people they can draw on,” Christine Powers said. “Because of the devastation and how much this fire impacted people’s lives is why we needed to go out there.”

Read the complete story in the Friday, November 10, issue of The Standard.

By Bryce Mereness •

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