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P&R to rehab airport hangar

Jan. 25, 2019 – The Excelsior Springs Parks and Recreation Board met Tuesday, Jan. 22 to discuss renovations to the airport’s north hangar.

Director Nate Williams said city staff currently looks into the cost to purchase the necessary materials to complete the renovation.

“We budgeted $100,000 to build a new building this year,” he said. “(City Works Director Chad Birdsong projects) that we can probably get the renovation done for about $50,000.”

Mike Anderson with Chuck Anderson Ford recently approached the city with the possibility of selling an unused 20-foot garage door, Williams said. Birdsong also looks into other supplies including garage doors, electrical supplies, lighting, insulation and possibly a heater.

Molly McGovern, city manager, said she will notify the one pilot who still holds his airplane in the north hangar in writing of the change. She said she will offer him space in one of the other existing outdoor hangar areas, but she currently does not have any indoor space available at the site.

McGovern said in order for the Excelsior airport to maintain the minimum standards to maintain its business airport status, over $8 million of improvements would have to be made by the city. Necessary improvements include extending the existing runway by 2,000 feet, a cost of approximately $3 million. The runway would also need to be widened, she said, which would cost the city approximately $1 million. The city must maintain the existing runway for 20 years due to the grant they received from the Missouri Department of Transportation to make improvements, but acceptance of the grant does not include keeping any of the hangars open for pilots, which remain a drain on the city’s resources, she said.

Williams said the shelving needed to take over the former fire station space located in the downtown area recently arrived. They plan to store their sporting equipment at the site. This will require the Excelsior Springs Area Chamber of Commerce to move the trolleys they store in the building to a new location.

The city allowed the Chamber to move the trolleys to the north hangar location, but pilots advised the city the trolleys blocked access to their planes and asked they be removed. The city allowed the Chamber to move them back to the fire station location until ESPR’s shelving arrived.

By Kimberely Blackburn •

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2 Responses to P&R to rehab airport hangar

  1. Bruce Bellemore Reply

    January 29, 2019 at 8:28 pm

    I don’t know where Molly came up with the idea that the runway needs to be longer or wider, it does not because we do not cater to jets. They just need to fix the hangar door, do some improvements to the office building and maybe do some maintenance to everything else. Aircraft owners will move their planes there if the City would just do something other than destroy the place.The City could have a very nice airport if they just take care of it. I shutter to think what will happen to the Community Center if they maintain it the same way they have our airport !

  2. Tom Shue Reply

    February 6, 2019 at 11:17 am

    This move is not the right move. The city should use the budgeted money to build it’s own building instead of canablize an airport hangar. Yet another huge mistake. Rip down a door worth $30,000, so they city can save $50,000 while they watch a property worth millions of dollars of potential income for the city waste away. It’s mismanagement at it’s finest, plain and simple. It would lead a normal person to believe there’s something else going on behind the scenes. I’m sure another closed session of council meetings will fix everything.

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