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Sale of ESACC home gives foundation $4k

Kim McElwee, center, and her husband Gary Sanson, right, recently donated to the Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation after the sale of a home on May Street built by Excelsior Springs Area Career Center trade students. The couple’s renovation company, Peppard Seed, has plans to continue giving back to the community. (Submitted photo)

Trade students from Excelsior Springs Area Career Center worked with Real Estate agent Kim McElwee to put the finishing touches on this home on May Street. The sale of the home with Re/Max Area Real Estate prompted McElwee to donate her commission towards the Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation. (Photo by Jae Juarez)

September 29, 2017 – Students at Excelsior Springs Area Career Center received valuable insight from local Real Estate agent Kim McElwee while the Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation benefited from her generosity when a home on May Street sold recently.

Trade students from ESACC built the home at 208 May St. and along the way McElwee had a hand in the process. “The students were great. My husband Gary (Sanson) and I wanted to find a way to support the Educational Foundation and by being a part of the sale of the home on May Street we were able to not only help the students, but give back to the foundation,” said McElwee.

In beginning the process of building the home, McElwee had told the foundation that when the home sold, which was listed through Re/Max Area Real Estate, she would donate her commission of the sale back to the foundation. McElwee presented the foundation with a check for over $4,000 earlier this week.

“The students did a fabulous job building and finishing the home and in working with them I was excited to list the home with Re/Max,” she said.

During all phases of the construction project, McElwee was available for any questions that arose.

“While the students were building, I would just go in and meet with them off and on and give ideas or suggestions or just make myself available for whenever they needed me,” continued McElwee. “The whole process was a lot of fun and it’s great knowing that there are a lot of students who will become employable because of the experience at the career center. I believe a lot of them will pick up the trade they are learning and go with it after graduation.”

McElwee said that while watching trade students construct and finish the home, it was a unique experience working with them. “It was so much fun to hear their thoughts. We talked about finishes that potential buyers would be interested in and I was able to give insight about what buyers are looking for in today’s market,” said McElwee.

The sale of the home on May Street inspired McElwee and her husband to pay it forward even more. In addition to the donation received from the sale of the May Street home, McElwee and Sanson have plans for the future.

“We want to continue helping the foundation, so we proposed to continue donations for those who buy or sell their home with Re/Max and are an employee of the Excelsior Springs School District,” explained McElwee. For every home bought or sold by a district employee, up to $100,000, McElwee will give $100 to the foundation. For each home bough tor sold by a district employee up to $200,000, McElwee will donation $200 to the foundation.

But, McElwee and Sanson took their desire to help the foundation one step further. Their renovation company, Peppard Seed and Co., which has begun work on a several home improvement projects along Broadway Ave. in downtown Excelsior Springs, will also be giving back to the foundation.

McElwee said that for each home the couple renovates and sells, she and Sanson would give $200 to the Excelsior Springs Educational Foundation. “No matter who buys the home downtown, whether a district employee or not, we plan to donate back to the foundation,” she said.

“We enjoyed the experience during the May Street project and it really inspired us to continue giving back. During the process we really wanted to reach out to the community and challenge other local business owners to find a way to support the many foundations in Excelsior Springs,” continued McElwee. “By continuing to buy locally, support other local businesses and giving back to the organizations within our community everyone benefits.”

By Jae Juarez •

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