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Visitors forum implores school board to offer more resources

March 16, 2017 -The Excelsior Springs Board of education did a lot of listening at its regular meeting on Monday, March 13 at the district Early Childhood Center.

In a rare visitor’s forum Carolyn Vogler, currently the focus room instructor at Lewis Elementary, turned in her resignation effective at the end of the month. Vogler called on the board to give teachers the resources they need to succeed.

“It is with great sadness that I have to turn in my official resignation today due to a black and white district policy,” Vogler said. “I’m not here to argue for my job or against the policy. I’m here to be a voice for the students and staff at Lewis Elementary. You don’t know their individual stories and yet you expect these students to be okay with your black and white policies that affect their everyday lives. You are asking so much from a staff that is overworked and worried constantly about whether little Johnny had dinner last night, if he is still sleeping on the floor or ‘He wore the same for the third day in a row.’ But definitely it is the teacher’s job to look past that home life and make sure he gets his SRI score up. You say that the Excelsior District is a family district and that central office is concerned with the staff out there in the field, yet you seem so out of touch with what some of our students look like. Not the majority of students, but we are responsible for all students.”

The focus room at Lewis is a place where teachers can send students who are prone to outbursts and fits of rage among other things. Vogler explained how the things she sees most days aren’t just petty issues.


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-Bryce Mereness

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One Response to Visitors forum implores school board to offer more resources

  1. Bonnie LaPee Reply

    March 17, 2017 at 3:35 am

    Good for her for speaking her mind and standing up for her principals and her students needs! There definitely seems to be a willingness in Excelsior Springs to overlook the cracks students are falling through and a lack of empathy for students that are failing to thrive due to economical issues and their fallout. It is truly sad because there are great teachers district wide who’s hands seem to be tied.

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