The Slightly Off Band returns to the stage Friday evening with the next in their series of rock concerts, this year featuring Bon Jovi. 

Amanda Day, one of the band’s founders, said she and her fiancé came up with the idea to form The Slightly Off Band to help highlight the high level of musical talent found within the many musicians with the Slightly Off-Broadway Theatre. 

“(Her fiancé Keith Meredith) said it would be great to do something where we could really highlight the musicians and let them have fun and really shine,” she said. 

The gathered some of the singers and musicians together to perform a concert featuring The Eagles. After that concert, Day said the performers just come together and formed The Slightly Off Band. 

The Slightly Off vocalists include Day, Karly Jennings, Samantha Barrett, Carolyn Jeffrey, Jeff Mace, Wayne Day, Aaron Siefers, Troy Jennings and Paul Jeffrey. 

Musicians include guitarists, Troy Jennings, Paul Jeffery and Aaron Siefers; Greg Jameson on bass guitar; keyboardist Tom Willbanks and Meredith on drums. 

Day said some of the talented musicians will also be featured during the concert as vocalists. 

This concert will differ from the band’s previous concerts featuring the Eagles and Aerosmith and Tom Petty, she said. 

“The stories of (The Eagles, Aerosmith and Tom Petty) are so interesting that we had a lot of dialogue talking about the stories of the band and the breakups and the drug addictions and the rise to fame and everything,” she said. “Bon Jovi doesn’t really have that … so, we thought let’s take this year and really make it about the musicians and the band.” 

The concert will be all about the music, she said. They will feature more music than ever before. They’ve also added more visual effects. 

“We really try to make a concert,” she said. “It’s like going to a concert with the lights and the sound and the graphics and the amazing vocals and guitar players.” 

The Slightly Off Band’s Bon Jovi concert will open Friday, June 21 at 7:30 p.m. The show will continue each Friday and Saturday evening through July 6. Tickets cost $17 for adults and $9 for children. For more information, visit 

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