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Standard subscription delivery will switch to mail starting Dec. 3

Subscribers of The Excelsior Springs Standard will see a change in the way their newspaper is delivered beginning Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. Beginning on that day, delivery service will switch to the mail for everyone.

“Our circulation department has worked long and hard to maintain a dependable, timely delivery system over the years. Unforeseen circumstances occasionally delay service and new carriers sometimes miss long-time subscribers. We take all of our reader’s concerns to heart and hope we have found a solution that suits everyone,” explained Publisher Brian Rice.

“We’ve been talking to the post office for the past few months and have worked out a system to move delivery from the driveway to the mailbox without delaying the newspaper’s publication dates,” Rice added.

Rice took some time to answer the most common questions subscribers will have regarding the upcoming change:

Q: Will my paper be a day late? I like my Tuesday and Friday delivery days.

A: All Excelsior Springs local residents will receive their paper on the days they are used to: Tuesday and Friday. Your newspaper will now come the same time of the day as your mail. Subscribers in the county who are accustomed to getting their newspaper a day late will now see their newspaper delivered on Tuesday and Friday. Subscribers outside of the county will see no change in their delivery schedule.

Q: Will there be a change in my subscription rate?

A: No, there will not be a change in the subscription rates. Local Excelsior Springs residents can subscribe for $45 per year, subscribers in the county and outside the county can subscribe for $60 per year.

Q: Will there be a change in advertising deadlines?

A: Yes, because we have moved up our printing to get papers to the post office earlier, deadlines have been backed up one day. To place an ad in Tuesday’s Standard, the deadline is now noon on Thursday. To get an ad in Friday’s Standard, the new deadline is noon on Tuesday.

Q: I am a business and resident in the historic downtown Excelsior Springs area. Will I see a change in my carrier delivery?

A: No. Residents of the Colony Plaza, Ruey Anna and Oaks apartments as well as the downtown Excelsior Springs businesses, will see no change in their delivery. Our local downtown carrier will maintain his same route with no changes whatsoever.

Q: Is post office delivery efficient? I don’t want my paper late, ever!

A: We have talked at length to the post office to insure consistent delivery to our local and county residents. A recent computer glitch sent several newspapers to Puerto Rico instead of locally, but that was quickly identified and corrected. The post office assures us consistent local delivery barring any press complications or acts of God.

Q: Will this affect the Town & Country Leader in any way?

A: NO. The Town & Country Leader is a free publication delivered to over 21,000 homes every Wednesday and we have no intention of changing our delivery method of our shopper. Ad deadlines and print schedules for our Town & Country Leader are not affected by this change.

Q: Why are you changing from carrier to mail delivery?

A: There are several reasons, the first is to combat the increasing costs involved with supplies such as bags and rubber bands and fuel charges. Moving to the mailbox eliminates some of those increasing costs. Second is the ability to maintain a workforce of dependable carriers for our local routes. Where we struggle to keep good help on half our delivery routes, the post office is consistent in maintaining their carrier force. Third is convenience. We all live in Missouri and don’t look forward to the upcoming snows, rains and shorter days. Moving your newspaper to the mail guarantees a dry newspaper right where you can find it, no matter what the weather brings.

Subscribers are encouraged and reminded to look for their newspaper in the mailbox beginning Tuesday, Dec. 3. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to call The Standard office at 816-637-6155 or email

By Standard Staff •

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