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Update to revocable licenses up for approval at next Commission meeting

May 18, 2017- An update to revocable licenses for boat slips could see approval at the Monday, May 22 meeting of the Clay County commission.

The item was put on the regular agenda meaning at the commission’s Monday, May 15 work session. It will still see discussion prior to a vote by the commissioners.

The previous license, approved in 2005, has nine sections. The new agreement between boat owners and the county has 14 points.

One of the biggest changes in the new contract is an item that prohibits subleasing the slip space to another party without prior county approval. It also states that the license is terminated with any attempt to transfer or sublease.

“We’ve spelled out in section 11 no subletting of slips or transferring a slip,” Nicole Brown, Assistant County Administrator for public services, said. “Because, in effect, what it does is allow an owner to sell the boat at an additional charge because it comes with a slip. That’s something that would not be competitively bid which is not allowed in our Corps. of Engineers lease.”

Another new point in the contract adds a paragraph that outlines the removal of property from the boat slip. The lack of that procedure was one of the biggest questions in a lawsuit filed by slip holders against the county earlier this year.

“The parties agree that in the event of a default of any of the terms of this agreement, violations of sections set forth below or a revocation of this license or a failure to follow Park or Marina Rules and Regulations the county will give Licensee written notice of the revocation, whereupon Licensee will have ten (10) days to remove any property owned by licensee from the marina facilities” The agreement reads. “In the event Licensee fails or refuses to remove said property, the County may remove such property and place said property in storage on account of Licensee, in which point Licensee appoints County attorney-in-fact- with full power to negotiate a contract of storage and place said property in storage as fully and completely as Licensee could do. The County shall not be liable for any storage charges or damage or theft of property of the licensee which occurs through removing and storing said property as provided herein.” Read the rest of this story in the Friday, May 19 issue of the Standard


-Bryce Mereness


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