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Visit Excelsior website reaches over 3 million web hits

There’s a helpful tool available to anyone wanting to visit Excelsior Springs, and the Downtown Excelsior Partnership wants to make it well known among locals as well. The Visit Excelsior website has seen definite growth since its inception in 2015 and the number of page hits and pages viewed continue to increase with each passing year.

“We are definitely seeing growth to the website and that’s very exciting for our community,” said DEP Executive Director Lyndsey Baxter. The website was first created as a sort of “one stop shopping” purpose tool for the community, but Baxter said it has grown into much more.

Businesses that create a draw to Excelsior’s tourism attractions are encouraged to advertise on the website, but it’s also a helpful tool for local residents looking to find out what’s going on in their hometown. Baxter said that the calendar located on the Visit Excelsior site is a combination of calendars from organizations within Excelsior Springs.

“We combined calendars from the Chamber, the City, DEP, civic organizations and basically anyone who is hosting an event that’s good for tourism,” explained Baxter. “The calendar located on the website is a great place for our locals to go and research when festivals are held, or special events or basically anything happening in our town.”

Kim McElwee, who has been active with the DEP Website Committee since the site launched in 2015 added, “We wanted the website to be a tool for our local community to use, along with bringing tourists to our community. The calendar is awesome and having it combined with the Chamber and the City and everyone hosting special events makes it a great place for locals to use and to learn about our businesses and events.”

McElwee said in doing research prior to launching the website she and the committee learned the importance of having just one site to draw both tourists and locals, rather than several sites that can become confusing to navigate. “Having just one website with all the information everyone needs at their fingertips is a huge draw when tourists and our residents are considering what to do for the weekend or what to do when they plan a trip to come here,” she explained.

Baxter chimed in and said that in the very near future, DEP plans to make the site mobile friendly with a grant they have received. “As soon as we go mobile friendly we will be able to make even more updates to the site,” said Baxter.

To date, web hits to have totaled more than 3 million, a number Baxter and McElwee both said would continue to rise, especially if local residents learn how valuable the tool can be in learning how to use the site’s calendar.

Baxter added that if there are local organizations who are hosting special events that could be a draw for tourism, and would like their event listed on the calendar, to call DEP at 816-637-2811.

By Jae Juarez •

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