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Attempt to halt Nicklasson execution wrong on so many levels

I read a news article about Allen Nicklasson yesterday morning that said attorneys for the Missouri inmate were asking to put off his execution because the drug they are using is considered “controversial” and could violate his constitutional right prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment – HA!  For those of you unfamiliar with Nicklasson’s case, he was convicted for the 1994 killing of Excelsior Springs man Richard Drummond.  He is scheduled for execution on October 23.

A little background information to begin with… Richard Drummond was a husband, a father and was only acting as a Good Samaritan when a trio of druggies cut his life short.  In August of 1994 a car with Nicklasson and his two partners, Dennis Skillicorn (who has already been executed) and Tim Degraffenreid (who was sentenced to life in prison) stalled along interstate 70 north of Fulton in Callaway County.  Drummond stopped to help the men; he offered to take them to use a telephone and call someone for help.  What he got instead was a gun to his head.  To make information from a long and intense trial short and to stick with the facts that have been proven in a court of law, Drummond, after being forced to drive around at gunpoint, was then marched into the woods by Nicklasson and his goons where Nicklasson shot him twice in the head.  His remains were found eight days later.  Can you imagine being Drummond’s family and waiting for him to come home?  I understand from folks in this town that he was a man of integrity, a family man with a wife and three daughters.

Now, here we are nearly 20 years later and Nicklasson has sat in a climate-controlled cell with three meals a day while we taxpayers have taken care of his needs.  One of his cronies is dead and in my opinion it has taken far too long and far too much of our money to keep the trigger puller alive.  So his attorneys are worried about his suffering when he’s injected with propofol, a drug that has never before been used for an execution in the United States.  It is my opinion that this sounds like another excuse to keep the man alive for however long they can while an innocent man’s life was cut short for no good reason at all.

Propofol is a widely used surgical anesthetic, and while Missouri announced they would begin using it during executions last year, the drug has NEVER been used in this way before.  Well, how on earth would we know, or how will we find out if it causes pain and suffering, if we don’t give it a whirl?  And who better to try it on than a convicted murderer?

Call me crazy, but taxpayers are left footing the bill for murderers who “have rights” and want their “rights” considered but only after they’ve committed heinous crimes against upstanding citizens like Richard Drummond.  Let’s get real here, folks, and stop waiting 20-plus years to execute these murderers and get it done!

Nicklasson’s attorney, Jennifer Herndon, argued in a motion filed with the Missouri Supreme Court that her client would suffer “irreparable harm” if he was executed without a chance to pursue litigation…  I wonder if they considered Drummond never watching two of his three daughters graduate “irreparable harm”?

By Jae Juarez •

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