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Been downtown lately?

If not, you need to check it out.  Our downtown has so much to offer and as a community we need to support our locally owned businesses.  We need to keep as much of our money as possible within our community.

It is surprising how many residents seem to forget that we do have places to shop in our downtown area.  People automatically think of the big chain stores and even worse drive right out of Excelsior and head to Liberty or Kansas City.

Many of the everyday necessities of life are not available downtown.  However, for something original and unique that you will not find at the chain stores you need to shop downtown.  You will find all types of beautifully handcrafted items from paintings, photographs, jewelry, soaps and lotions.  Missouri wines are available along with the best freshly ground flavored coffees you could ever hope to find.  The very best kettle corn around is downtown and in any flavor your taste buds could desire!  Need some pampering?  Visit New Age Skin Care for a massage.  Looking to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe?  Downtown has that covered as well; clothing and accessories that are not the same as you find in the chain stores.  Molly Roberts, local artist/shop owner, holds painting classes Saturday evenings to bring out that artist hiding in all of us.  There is also a “Fix It” shop, local bakeries and the latest addition is the “Shabby Chic” shop.  We also have some great restaurants that you need to try; you will be pleasantly surprised.

Downtown is the perfect place to find those special birthday and Christmas gifts you are hoping to give.

When you have friends or relatives visiting, take them downtown to the Visitor’s Center at the Hall of Waters and take a few hours to give them a unique shopping experience.  Have dinner at one of the restaurants then take in a play at the Excelsior Springs Community Theatre or have an all in one experience with dinner and a play at Paradise Playhouse Dinner Theatre.  This is all right downtown.

Our merchants go above and beyond in helping to support events and various fundraisers throughout the year.  It is surprising how often merchants are asked for donations of either merchandise or money.  I wonder how often these people or groups asking for donations ever return to these shops as a customer?  It is a two-way street and I certainly hope this one is running both ways!  This is just another reason we all need to support our local merchants.

By Helen Price •

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