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The Excelsior Springs community lost a great ambassador last week. Nile Brown was a special teacher, coach and mentor to so many people here and he will be missed. 

Coach Brown spent many years on the athletic fields as a player, coach or mentor. He coached numerous sports — baseball, football, basketball and possibly more. 

I had the opportunity to play for Coach Brown when he was an assistant coach for the baseball team my junior and senior years of high school. Although you could tell he loved to win, I always felt that his intentions were to treat us like men. In doing so, Coach Brown made sure we would grow into positive figures for our own families and community. 

Throughout the years I would see Coach Brown at various places in town and he would always have a smile on his face as we talked baseball. He would always bring up the good things he remembered about me to my kids, while also making a joke or two about some of my not-so-successful moments. 

I was unable to go to his funeral, but as I sat at the stoplight at Crown Hill and Highway 69 last Saturday, I saw his funeral procession go by. I thought to myself how fortunate I was to be able to see him on his last ride through Excelsior Springs. At that moment in time, I just sat there with memories going through my mind and tears filling up in my eyes. 

Coach Nile Brown, thank you for all you have done for the community of Excelsior Springs. You made an impact on my life and I have no doubt on the lives of others. 

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