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Community center

Dear Editor,

I have recently read some negative Letters to the Editor about the new community center in the plans for Excelsior Springs.

It astonishes me that our town hasn’t had a center before now. I am also amazed people would be against something that would benefit people of all ages in our community. It would especially allow our children an option of a swimming pool other than a members-only club as well as other benefits a community center would provide.

I agree that funding is a concern, but that’s why a committee was formed. As I have read they are currently getting bids and will disclose that information to the public.

Back to the children of our community. When I was growing up this town was on the decline. I would hear people only three years older than me talk about how great Lake Mauer was, how they would swim at the Hall of Waters and shop the variety of stores in our downtown. By the time I was a freshman in high school the pool and downtown shops were diminishing. When my children were growing up here they were all mostly extinct.

My point is we need to provide some sort of entertainment for your youth in Excelsior Springs. As I have heard many times from many people, having an alternative keeps children out of trouble. A community center could also help in the obesity problem that is currently out of control in our community and the country.

Standing up for our Kids

Sheila Woods

By Standard Staff •

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